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Ok, time to engage the brain cell(s), upon consideration of the people on this site, I believe we have enough brain cells between us, to come up with answers rather than just beating the "Whats wrong" drum, most problems in our country's are pretty obvious (if you look past what the media tells us) Please post a perceived problem, and any possible answer to it, if your responding please do so with, respect and constructive discussion/criticism.

I'll start: Government no longer answers to the people they're supposed to represent, how do we bring them back into accountability to the people ???
Enforce or institute sanctions, against the government/politicians, that ignore the constitution of the people of that country. ??? How do we do that ?

Tarkus60 5 Apr 12

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So the comments bring up another Question (Thank you guys/gals): How do we as individuals/group break people out of they're cognitive dissidence, to even consider a "Truth" that may not go along with the official narrative/brain washing. Example the "UNITED STATES" is a corporation that was substituted for our true government in the 1870's, I can prove it, yet am called loony tunes by many ???


We diminish it's size.
A this point it's too large(cost aside) which allows groups of individuals to exploit it's inefficiency to cover their actions.
Reduce its power and we will see a harmony begin to reappear.
The closer the government is to a person the more it reflects their ideas.

Personally I get what your saying but generally i see the what's wrong drum listing out symptoms not the actual problem.


Simple...Create a special counsel to investigate Constitutional neglect, who will turn over the results of their investigation to a special prosecutor to bring the charges against the interlocutors of falsifying their oaths to uphold and defend such Constitution, adjudicated by a SUPREME court. Or, if possible, vote the liars out of office. By the whom will "The People" be accountable to?

Before we can take this step we the people must UNITE without being UNTIED do we really stand a chance at resolving any government issues?

@Gerri4321 Agreed. We must untie around Truth. But, it seems that 'the people' are hopelessly divided on what Truth even is!

@dmatic right and untill we all want the truth no matter how ugly it is we will never move forward sadly.

@Gerri4321 Individually, we can. May the love of Truth guide us as we move 'forward'.

Unfortunately, all special councils, from my observation, are in the back pocket of those derailing our countries.

@Tarkus60 My comment initially was a bit tongue in cheek...I agree with you Tarkus.

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