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Djokovic rules Woke Australia drooles

Saigon2o 7 Jan 10

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For a guy with so many ties to the WEF and the UN, he makes for a confusing Poster Boy for anything liberty related.




@jaymaron For personal context -
I am a Senior DeMolay (a Masonic order for young men between 14 and 21 as I recall) and my introduction to the principles of the many Masonic orders I became aware of during those years are likely what attracted me to a lifelong study and practice of mysticism.

It's now almost a trope that "Masons are the core of an evil cabal," but in all my years, I've only known one mason, out of hundreds, who I "felt" was evil. Being in touch with my spiritual essence, I tend to trust such "feelings" or intuitions." I've had the same feeling about men and women in many walks of life, from preacher and teachers to men and women who otherwise seem "ordinary" at first glance.

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