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California Considers Plan to Double Its Taxes despite Already Being Highest in U.S.

The plan would increase the average household’s taxes by an unbelievable $12,250, according to the Tax Foundation.

The amendment would increase state revenue by $163 billion a year, more revenue than California in an entire year before 2020.


Garsco 8 Jan 10

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Democrats drive out all the earners who pay taxes and wonder what ever happened to their income. Do any of them think?


I wonder if the corporate tax will increase, especially on the U-Haul company?

Then there is a payroll tax add-on, where the top rate would apply to employees earning over $49,990. And the 2.3% business tax hike on gross receipts above the first $2 million a business takes in.

@Garsco California will tax themselves into the stone age.

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