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(Iodine Uncensored)
Mar 19, 2019, 4:18:20 PM

Thousands of Facebook users go to groups for their health. On Facebook, you are censored if your group gets too close to finding the answer. Your time spent on groups is compromised by the censorship of Facebook. I created this group for the ones who want to have a discussion of lugols iodine and how to use it to heal.

Uncensored completely, say what you want. Ask questions.

Iodine is a forbidden topic. They want it to go away, because it puts the healing back in us. It is the one single supplement that can turn around your bad health.

You know all about herbs, garlic, probiotics, anti oxidants, food and nutrition, but you, none of you, know anything about lugols. The reason you don't is because lugols is censored. In the press, on Facebook, groups, private messaging: your not supposed to discuss what healing with lugols is like.

It is cheap and it replaces a dozen or so pharma drugs. For sure, it replaces all the big money makers of pharma today. That is why they censor information about iodine. It would cut into profits if people really caught on how to use it.

To be specific, if you get into lugols daily dose you will be able to leave behind these drugs:

Synthetic thyroid medication, statin drugs, antidepressants, insulin, every medication to stop heart arrhythmia, it heals adrenal stresses, it restores the body to equilibrium.

Laxatives, ant acids, aspirin, muscle relaxers, etc. you won't need these. Anti virals, chuck those cause lugols kills viruses.

How about your metabolism? lugols restores digestion, so we can start to burn food again, instead of watching in horror as food sits in our body. Upper intestinal distress? SIBO is a manifestation of low iodine.

There , I have said it. the truth for all to read. Lugols is a miracle because it weans us off of pharma and doctors. It restores your health for pennies. that is reason enough to go after it and try to stop people using it.
This discussion could change your life. #lugols #healing #drugs #replaces

Another important piece of information:


(Iodine Uncensored)
Mar 9 2019
Our thyroid swells as it is treated with lugols iodine. It does so to absorb all the nutrient it can, meanwhile, they tell you that iodine causes goiter.
It is the way of the thyroid to swell at first. Using co nutrients is only part of this question. The main thing to know is that it always swells the thyroid.

That is one big reason for people quitting iodine. They can't get past the idea that their thyroid swells. I guess it is a vulnerable point where the doctor or another well meaning person can talk you out of your therapy. The whole problem is that it does that before it can heal, it swells. Blame the organ, blame iodine, but you can't avoid this effect.

Our thyroids commit many crimes, for which they are summarily executed. Surgery for a thyroid that insists on swelling from iodine. Surgery for the thyroid that is offending the doctors by forming cysts. The cysts are the out picturing of extreme iodine deficiency.

The longer they demonize lugols, the longer till you can get help. God forbid, they remove other organs also from those organs not working right all from an iodine deficiency. I hope people can get a clue befor3e they have everything out. Most people I talk with who have had many surgeries let me know it starts with one organ, and it ends with death, cause there is no end of problems after the first organ is removed.

Women have massive surgeries to correct their iodine deficiency. they are so low on it that they succumb to the plans of the surgeons. One organ by one , until they are removed almost all of the tissue that makes hormones.

once these are all removed, the woman's body cavity is a hollow shell, then she can get relief. Only because, her iodine deficiency don't hurt as much, because all of the body parts that really needed iodine are removed. Ovaries, uterus, breasts, all these and more require iodine for their upkeep.
Our society is backwards, to surgically remove organs rather than use the simple micro mineral iodine. The prevailing system forces so much suffering, all by demonizing the very word iodine, by calling it a poison, restricting sales of iodine and restricting information most of all. #surgery #iodine #hormones #restricted

For more information, please check out the books by Jerzy Zieba and read


medicineman9 6 Jan 11

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I got censored from homesteading groups & 1 tossed me from group about/over possums....reminds me of the 1st person I ever was connected with, that got banned, the Health Ranger from YT....alternative healthy organic treatment options are verboten to the owners of Facebook who also own Pzifer and the MSM and just about everything else

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