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Sooner than you can blink an eye there will be more import than made in US voters the consensus will be guaranteed «samo-samo » . White don’t want to make children No you won’t hear children sing ABCD EFG. Coz the it’s a small world of LBTGQ Aftercall.
You put your right foot in. You put your right foot out repeat and shake all about? That’s what American Socialism is all about!!!
Woooo hoki pokiiii
It means we’re f*ucked!!! For real! This Time!! Wooo Hoki pokiii. Wooo Hoki pokiii!
That’s what American socialism is all
Hope you get my Brit cynicism.

Saigon2o 7 Jan 13

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Imperialism at its finest.


"Cancel culture runs the world now.The planet went crazy... They're so fake woke. Facts don't care about feelings."


My maternal grandfather was Ojibweh, my grandmother French Kanadian.
My paternal grandfather was a Ukrainian, secret Jew who escaped Bolsheviks , my grandmother an Orthodox Xtian and Polish whose parents also fled communism.
My parents, both born in Kanada were "illegal immigrants" in the Evil Empire. It didn't matter because they looked white.
I just look and sound like an American.
I am a slave of no fictional entity.

The only native Americans are the bisons

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