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lindasteel 7 Jan 18

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Yes, people who act like/claim their leader can't do anything wrong are more like a cult.


Well, let's see CNN MSNBC and other pro-democrat/left leaning "news" outlets ratings and views/clicks are so low that the workers are realizing that they are going to lose their job, because if it drops more, they won't be able to stay in business.
They are so desperate they are attacking Trump again hoping that will get them the ratings and views but it is not working. When burning bridges, do not stand in the center and set fire to both ends.


Yes, the point of Journalism is to hold people on power to account.

A lot of prominent right-media people on multiple occasions have called out Trump when he made mistakes: crowder, daily wire, fox (tucker) and right politicians.

Going into three years of Biden in the media as candidate and how many on MSNBC, CNN, New York are finally pitching non-softballs which still back his plays but aren’t “Here is Joe Eating ice cream” journalism.

Why even pretend like the right who aren’t the dominant controllers in media:Hollywood, tv, print, music are the problem? Is it an intentional blindness on your part or are you trying to shade a truism to justify something partisan?


Good advice, just don't jump to a conclusion and call something a lie or bad information without doing honest and thorough research or you'll be even worse.

Good point. It is important to research and understand truth before condemning anybody.
Satan uses good people, in their weaknesses to do bad things. Also, realize bad people can do good things and when they do, we should t just condemn their actions just because it was a bad person that did it. If people who are constantly doing evil do something that seems good, we need to SUSPECT that it may not be as good as we thought and research it, but we should withhold judgment on that action until we know one way or the other.

Example: when Trump pushed the FDA and all the private companies to produce a vaccine quickly (in less than 2-5 years) the left condemned it because it was Trump claiming he could accomplish the impossible and because it was Trump that wanted to do it. The supporters of Trump (like me) thought it sounded like a good thing, but didn’t know how he could do it. Then, when the left started lauding the vaccine as the ‘solution’, many on the left started th shift their position and simply disconnect any credit with Trump. Trump and his supporters continued to support the idea (because it was Trump’s idea and tactics that brought it about). This leftist support caused even some of the most staunch Trump supporters to question what the left was up to and if it really was a good idea (if the left likes the idea, it is likely something that will harm the country, especially the less rich and powerful).

Many independents, some on the right and a few on the left started looking at the risks that were pointed out by those those on the left and noticing new severe risks, especially with the methods chosen to make it happen. When we saw the enormous risks and the lack of need/benefit in accepting such a huge risk (risk analysis; cost vs benefits analysis), we realized it was important to reverse our original assumptions.

Although Trump did a lot of things well (exceptionally well considering the sabotage from within the US government and the news media and the vast majority of tech giants, etc...), he was far from perfect. He was exactly what we needed at the time to wrestle back a little power from the most rich and powerful and evil people in the world (like Soros, Gates, etc...). However he also helped to make our debt and deficits skyrocket almost as bad as the left. He is currently failing when it comes to his unwavering support of the vaccines (except for the fact that he doesn’t support mandates, passports, etc...). It is understandable why his tactics of casting everything he does in a light of “Huuuge”successes demands he never change his mind and admit the massive mistake the vaccines were. That doesn’t mean his supporters should blindly follow him or anybody else.

At this time, I would much rather see him put all his support behind a young successful leader that has been on the right side of nearly every issue since he became the Chief Executive Office of a larger state (i.e. DeSantis). That would prove Trump truly has the American people as his priority even more than all he has already done. Even though I fully support our Governor, I still watch him closely and never assume the decision is best just because it came from DeSantis. Maybe we should all stop acting like sheep and start using our own brains.

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