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Video: Joe Rogan Details How Anyone Who Doesn’t Identify As Far Left Is Now Labelled ‘Alt Right’


RealAlexJones 8 Jan 21

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Not surprising. It's the narcissistic mindset of everything being black and white, or either with you or against you. No room for nuance, just extremes.


The Democrat Party is The Communist Confederate Party!


"Alt Right" not "Far Right"?


Another example of how woke-progs completely dominate and control the language. Anyone with a sensible centrist or conservative perspective is denigrated as “far” right, alt.right, extreme right, or a supremacist or a hundred other slurs. Yet all the Marxists, communists, and assorted leftists are respectfully referred to as “progressive”.

Its time to take back control of the language.

Spot on.... been going that way since the 1970s.
Started with cries of racist and racisim... hell they didn't even know what the word meant. They just used it as a weapon to silence dissent.


'Its just a jump to the left and a step to the right' Pick your tune.


Joe Rogan tells normies the truth, and that is why the corrupt mainstream media fear and hate him.

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