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lindasteel 7 Jan 25

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"Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A southern man don't need him around, anyhow"


Some "counter-culture icon", now he and his out-to-pasture hippie ilk trip over each other to carry the piss-bucket for the Establishment that they used to cry about... when it was popular.

They were never against Authoritarianism, not for a moment... they're just against not being the Authoritarians.
Which leads to the next logical revelation: they don't hate Western Governments for any past abuses or departures from our Founding ideals. They hate their own civilization simply FOR those very ideals... ideals that keep them from telling you how to live your life; and will continue to hate it no matter what concessions we make through any further misguided compromises.

Look at the last 50-years or so, for example in America: the more "Progress" they make in dismantling our original Framework... the more they hate, and the more they seek to destroy what's left.

The GOAL (which, to be fair, many of them don't even seem to have thought all the way through...) is a Progressive Theocracy, with the Inquisition for us heretics and the whole she-bang.
Or you could say the goal is Communism. Or Socialism... or "Democratic" Socialism.
Doesn't matter what they call it in their ideological shell-game, because there is no "spectrum" of Liberty and there never was. Sovereignty either resides in the Individual, or in the State.
There were only ever THOSE TWO options on the table:
Freedom, or not.

The West chose Freedom.
The "Left" chose not.


The wars in Korea and Vietnam were started under Democrat Party administrations. However the reason there was so much rebellion and resistance to the Vietnam war was because of the Draft. The baby boomers were being drafted and sent into battle as soon as they dropped out or graduated High School. It really wasn't so much about a "counter culture movement" "free love" "give peace a chance" thing. Not really - Honestly all of the fear and angst and "protest" (see rioting) was born of fear - Fear of battle - fear of losing ones life in Vietnam. I was afraid too. But instead of running off to Canada I joined the US Air Force Reserve in order to avoid being drafted by the Army or Marine corp...which would landed my 18 year old ass in Vietnam - no doubt.
So I felt like I was doing the right thing - doing my part while avoiding being sent into that war. As a reservist I did a six year jaunt. This was in 1970. I had my 19th birthday while in basic training at Lackland AFB. Sargent comes up and says..."my name" I see its your birthday - congratulations you get to do KP today...LOL Spent all day peeling potatoes and washing pots and pans...better than going to Vietnam is what I kept reminding myself as basic training dragged on. LOL
Neal Young et al would never have achieved that level of fame and wealth if the war didn't exist IMHO. They are all very talented performers - there can be no denying that. But the war and the "anti-establishment" spasms of the time gave those performers a perfect muse for writing their music. They were talented enough that they were very good at writing music that resonated with the baby boomers - hippies, love chld, druggies.

Young was always an asshole. I liked his music because it was modern day folk music. It was a nice break from the head banging electronic folk music of the 70s. Was it great music? I don't know, great art is hard to define. I think we think of the rock legends of the 60s and 70s as great artists as much because of the dismal music that we have seen since then as the music itself. But like many artists Young was never someone I liked as a person. His song The Needle and the Damage Done to me speaks volumes about his mental stability and sense of responsibility. Artists are not rooted in reality or pragmatism. They come from the Yin and are unbalanced.

Last time I saw him I thought he should have given up performing years ago. Whatever he had in his youth is long gone but he doesn't have the common sense to see how pathetic he has become.

"His song The Needle and the Damage Done to me speaks volumes about his mental stability and sense of responsibility. Artists are not rooted in reality or pragmatism. They come from the Yin and are unbalanced"
I hated that song and I especially hated all the people talking about what a wonderful song it is. The first time I heard "The Needle and The Damage Done" I thought to myself "it isn't the "needles" (heroin) fault and any damage done there is self inflicted.

As for Neal Youngs appearance - a lot of that is his constuming up for performances. No doubt in his private life Young dresses neater, grooms himself...Since he plays to and audience that I can only characteize as a mob wallowing in self pity and imagined victimization Neal Young needs to look like one of them...a fellow travelling "victim of life"

Also I will point out that Neal Young suffered a serious stroke - I did a web search to find out the year that happened and this is what I found"

"Over the years, Neil Young has suffered from polio, epilepsy and back pain. But nothing was as life-threatening as the brain aneurysm that required "minimally invasive neuroradiology" treatment on March 28, 2000"

I learned something new: Although I did know about his stroke I was not heretofore aware that he had polio, epilepsy, chronic back pain. Which explains a lot IMHO...might even explain his use of drugs and his sympathy for drug addicts like himself

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