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‘Mounting By The Day’: ISIS Rapidly Regaining Territory In Areas Where Trump Wiped Them Out, Report Says

ISIS terrorists are reportedly rapidly regaining territory in Iraq and Syria, their so-called “caliphate,” after former President Donald Trump effectively wiped them out in those areas.

“The evidence of a resurgence of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq is mounting by the day, nearly three years after the militants lost the last patch of territory of their so-called caliphate, which once stretched across vast parts of the two countries,” The New York Times reported. “The fact that ISIS was able to mount these coordinated and sophisticated attacks in recent days shows that what had been believed to be disparate sleeper cells are re-emerging as a more serious threat.”

And from the AP: Speaking at the Pentagon, McKenzie said it’s clear that al-Qaeda is attempting to rebuild its presence inside Afghanistan, which was the base from which it planned the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks against the United States. He said some militants are coming into the country through its porous borders, but it is hard for the U.S. to track numbers. …
McKenzie and other senior U.S. military and national security officials had said before the U.S. withdrawal that it would complicate efforts to keep a lid on the al-Qaeda threat...


Garsco 8 Jan 27

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I feel as though I am a witness to the fall of the Western World. All I can say to change people's mind is to yell, More Champagne!!!!!!


ISIS is a western/Israeli construct to destabilize countries and garner western public support for Israeli hegemony in the middle east.

Specifically, ISIS is being used to overthrow Assad in Syria who refuses to permit an energy pipeline system to cross into Europe (via Turkey). Syria has been allied with Russia since the 1960s. A network of LNG pipelines carrying Gulf State gas and Israeli gas (did I just say Israeli gas?) to Europe would usurp Russia's gas market and seriously harm the Russian economy.

Israel has the largest gas field discoveries in the 21st century in the Mediterranean such as the Mari-B, Tamar, and Leviathan gas fields.

Turkey is using the opportunity to take back Kurdish territory and steal oil from the northern Syrian oilfields while NATO cheers.

This mess is going to backfire on the west...the WEST that is currently under authoritarian rule by decree using a flu virus as the catalyst

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