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Wow! I was doodling on my phone in my car in DT Pasadena CA A young women crossed the street at a red light A Moto cop on his speaker told her "it's a red light i don't want you to get hurt" Guess what she did next? She gave him the finger. He drove off, pasadena 01/28/22 8:35 am

Saigon2o 7 Jan 28

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If she had the presence of mind to flip him off, she obviously has the ability to discern for herself how to safely cross the street.
Anyone who obeys a Red Light in the dead of night, with a clear view that all the arteries leading to that intersection are free of traffic is an idiot. The same applies to crossing a street. No lights required.

8:35 am rush hour! Not in dead of night in DT

@Saigon2o Doesn't matter. Each of us is responsible for our own individual safety.

@Saigon2o And don't forget, you were "doodling on your phone" in "8:35 am rush hour!" Hardly a "safe" practice.


Rise of lawlessness. I believe it's more to come.

They don't want State Police. They want a Police State.
They don't want a Sheriff They want the Fuerher. They're not walking on their 2 feet. They're walking on their heads.

@Saigon2o They should try doing that in a third world country, just to see what happens.

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