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Very succinctly put.
GlenGardner20 7 Jan 28

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Groups don't have rights, only Individuals have rights.
People who play identity-politics are either stupid, or they think you are.
And, their "ideology" is the antithesis of the founding ideal of the West: that of Individual Sovereignty.
So, of course, it is divisive; specifically, dividing Westerners between those who understand and respect their own Civilization... and those who don't.

There's Power to be mongered in playing groups against one another.
But that does not work so well in a society of Individuals.
It's much less efficient (and less successful) trying to seize and consolidate illegitimate sovereignty one-Individual at a time.
So... Step 1 is always to get people thinking with their skin or their gonads, instead of their brains. And, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be very difficult getting the bulk of the Bell-curve to fall for it.


But, don't you get it?????
The last thing THEY want is EQUALITY under the Law!!!!!!!
THEY only want CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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