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Just sick to death with leftist agendas crammed down our throats, political correctness, and the Thought Police.

Tjohnst1 2 Apr 16

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We have loony Democrats and Republicans that are afraid of the press that supports the loony Democrats. What else can you expect? That's why Trump won and unless he decides not to run, it's why he'll probably win again.


How anyone can think that Socialism is the way to go astounds me. Around 40 countries have tried the socialist experiment and failed. Yet the new crop of Socialists think they can do a better job. Perhaps if they are affected by a Socialist regime they might just wake up and join the real world.


We need to elect realists as our democratic representatives and not idealogues. I prefer unity and not diversity. We need to win the culture war of ideas and get rid of indoctrination in the schools and universities.


The tide will turn on all this pc. Realists have had enough of liberals and their minging ways


Here it is.


Yep. I have started to be more overt about my politics at work and people shut their mouths pretty quick when they realize that’s not everyone is a msnbc drone.

Hi. That's not a bad idea, provided that you stay civil and peaceful. If you have a valid opinion, say it, and never apologise for it, right?

@Naomi Basically. The libs seem to assume everyone agrees and blurt out their opinion. The. They look at you for some verification to which I would normally be passive and just nod or say something like ‘I see your point.’ So now when they do so I react calmly and just make a simple point in the counter and almost always when it is not something that is presented through the mainstream media. Occasional little tangent of like three points then a quick ‘well back to it.’ And I leave them in their thoughts.

Keep up with the good work! All the best.

@Naomi That only works one way. if your opinion isn't shared by the left - your shouted down so you never get to share YOUR opinion because they are never civil - just foaming at the mouth loony-left that spew responses that they learn parrot fashion - and scream to drown you out. it is essentially a one way street.....

Well, it seems to be working for Username69, though...

@Naomi I work in a white collar environment so people freaking out does not sit well. Another crucial part is simply having a civil conversation. Had one today, with a friend who is actually more conservative on the majority of issues today and it went well. Didn’t end with agree to disagree ended with me recommending he look up more information from the opposing view point and he said he will. That is one advantage the anti-totalitarian crowd has over the pro-totalitarian crowd is we are familiar with their arguments as they are force fed. Some underreported facts and they get curious enough to look. Now, for people on substantially more on the pro-totalitarian side I more or less make my statements and just let them simmer and leave.

That's excellent. I rarely get involved in an argument with anybody, but I shall remember your tactics. Thank you!


Millions of us feel the same way.


I was saying this last night. Time to build a wall and push all the leftists out. Just can’t take it anymore ??


How do you guys keep your sanity and norms?

First, turn off the news. ALL of it. Then just be respectful of everyone. When someone starts to get under your skin, smile then say "bless you" and turn away. They do not know how to respond to that.

Very wise.

Just keep reinforcing within yourself that you are in your right mind. You know you aren't crazy, you just have to deal with some really misguided and or dumb people.

I wish I could deprogramme them...

@Naomi I quit watching TV other than the exceptional documentaries some time ago as I realised that fakestream media was making me too angry. I get my news from uplifting sane sources and choose to watch more retro TV shows on DVD instead. Movies from the past are heaps better for the soul then most of the crap that Hollyweird puts out now.

Retro TV shows - a good antidote.

I don't watch any tv (not for 20 year's) i pick one thing that is important to me and reseach it. not other's opinions and i keep up on who's doing what any saying what why the same way. I watch all speeches after the fact on my own time body language says alot. And i debate what i know. This work's well for me

"Not for 20 years" - Wow, that's an achievement! What we don't know is often found in opposite opinions. I think it's good to stay open-minded.


@DOWNEYA82 Yeah it's ironic how they complain about "white privilege" but are using the same privilege to commit act of violence and shutting down people.

Check out this vid of Candace and Larry on "white privilege" and "white guilt"... there is hope


Your not alone in that thought it's all BS and has no place in the real world alot of the people who are into this stuff are either over privileged or have been wrapped in cotton wool their whole lives!


Me too bro, that's we're here to make our voice heard.


It is wrong in so many ways. We must stand up and speak out.


Amen! Bro.


Totally agree


...and the division, the accusations (implicit and explicit), just feeling unwelcome or even loathed. Ugly crap.

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