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No matter how well protected are the rights of citizens within a constitutional republic, that republic must exist in a World where there are no rights of sovereign nations, and the country must defend itself in what amounts to a gangland war. No matter how enlightened that government internally, externally it must be as willing to be as brutal as the worst in the World.

The problem with combat, is that one must become more committed and brutal than the enemy to survive. Read "The Art of War," by Tsun Tsu.

Those who resent the US, for almost infinitely different reasons, delight when the US must descend to such depths in battle - whether cold or hot wars. People on the Left in particular, do their best to provoke the US, then point out how the "military-industrial complex" is the true evil in the World.

Those who fail to understand the dynamics of combat, and are not sufficiently bright to realize that the military industrial complex was created as a response to the evil of tyrannical and deadly socialist regimes frequently threatening us from the outside, are only too willing to parrot such propaganda.

And if that were not bad enough, some industrialists with Hitler-like mentalities, are also willing to take advantage of conflicts to advance their own agendae. Personalities like that have been around since humanity began, and will keep coming, whether or not our constitutional republic exists. Again, these bad actors are not just American. But those willing to resent America will assert that such industrialists are all American.

Fools like that jeopardize the entire World with the destruction of the only government in the World with a Constitution that limits government as originally written. That tends to poison many in the US into being willing to cripple the government limiting power of the Constitution, as if it is the evil and it is inside, and not the evil we are fighting outside.

Critics of capitalism like Vladimir Pozner are typical of those willing to simplistically blame the US for creating Putin, when a reasonable response to Communism was a very complex set of no-win choices that in some ways led to some grain of truth in it.

Such criticism has led to the vacation of the Commerce Clause by Democrats, Affirmative Action, Obamacare and dozens of other changes brought by Democrats, including the so-called pandemic, and experimental vaccine, which are all about destroying the Constitution by destroying our rights in action, without saying a word about the Constitution.

TimTuolomne 8 Feb 14

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I believe that most people in the Western World have lost their intended purpose for being a nation - creating an environment for the greatest amount of freedom and liberty - and as such have become aimless, not knowing why they do what they do, so go about their lives being led by a few who do have a purpose that is not for the betterment of the whole.

Yes. Fat and happy Americans were silent when FDR unconstitutionally coerced the Supreme Court into abolishing the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, and silent at dozens of breaches of Constitutional principles since then.

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