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The TRUTH About Electric Cars and Biden's Epic FAIL | Daniel Turner

guru 9 Feb 19

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He is right that "electric cars" are ALL fossil powered energy storage devices, and if you can do the math, (it isn't that hard) you can calculate the equivalent fuel economy. There is no production electric car on Earth that does even 40 mpg. My single point fuel injection gasoline production car gets 65 mpg. That means any electric car produces 60% more CO2 than my car. If you are an environmentalist, you can't even THINK of buying an electric car.

And if you believe you are underwriting the future of fossil energy independence, there have been no significant advances in charge density of batteries in 50 years, making it the second worse investment in history (just behind solar electric panels.) Increasing charge density is the key to improving electric car fuel efficiency. But if fossil fuel keeps proving available as it has, and batteries stay the same, you could be making 50 to 100 years of extra CO2 before your bet pays off. If you believe in CO2 as a greenhouse gas, you will have killed the planet by then with electric cars.

I'm a conservationist and as an engineer, I hope for fossil energy independence. But I am not going to assume there are advances that do not exist. There are limits to possible advances that I know about, and am sure the unicorn and rainbow set do not. Yet many of them are convinced they are right without any fact behind them to support electric cars before they are actually an improvement. That's just plain ignorant.

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