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We are extremely disappointed Twitter has suspended One Godless Woman for the 6th time. She is a Saudi Refugee turned women's rights activist, has a fatwah against her for her human right blog; Twitter has even terminated her podcast promotional account. Where are Tim Pool and Joe Rogan when you need them.

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PossiblyCorrect 6 Apr 19

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She isn't the right kind of Muslim refugee. The MSM and Western governments are dead set on serving the Islamists and ignoring Muslim apostates. Imagine what we would say if the West had treated Russian dissidents this way during the Cold War.
Our Media and politicians, Conservative and Liberal alike, are cowards when it comes to Islam. In Alberta the United Conservative Party accepted the resignation of a non-Muslim Middle Eastern refugee whose family had fled the M.E. because of Muslim genocide against their religious group. She too was a refugee but again, she wasn't the right refugee and she refused to do acts of obeisance to Islam. This meant that she was forced, of course the party won't put it that way, out of the race even though she had been chosen by her Constituency Association. Then there was also another female United Conservative Party candidate who was also forced out.
When will conservative leaders like Jason Kenny and Andrew Scheer show any support for Muslim apostates or Muslims who love the West?


I listened to the sound cloud episode 3 that is posted here. Everyone around the world needs to hear this. Growing up in America the thought of living as she did makes would make me feel stabby if someone tried to separate me from my wife by force over religious concerns.

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