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Smart people rely on the of time to evaluate claims, not persuasive arguments or scare tactics.

Climate change? The claim was that the oceans would have drowned Florida and New York by 20. Many are convinced that the temperatures are rising continuously, but the highest temperatures on record were in .

The Ozone hole was going to destroy us. I has now receded to pre 70 size.

Cellphones were going to give us all brain cancer. They have been around since 80. The of brain cancer has remained about the same since reliable statistics have been available.

Birds were going to be wiped out as species by windmills. No change, and by the way, ever see bird carcasses below a windmill? Didn't think so.

These myths are clearly not true, but do large numbers of people still believe them? Yup.

What else is mythology? And how do people become so convinced? Do you think that some believe everything they see on TV, just because it's some kind of establishment?

If you think about it, the media has been profitable because they have been very good at selling fear. What do you believe, based on what you have heard in the media, and if you are honest with yourself, realize you have no real corroboration experience of your own?

Do yourself a favor and discard your TV permanently. If everyone did that today, the market would have no choice but to respond with more truthful reporting. And you CAN find alternative sources that have NEVER proved wrong. them.

So, how about COVID as a pandemic?

What else do you fear? How did that come about? Think about it. Were you unafraid of that until you turned on your TV?

Better yet, about what are you outraged? Do you realize that comes from a fear you have probably long ago turned to anger? So you have been manipulated. If I were you, I'd want to know better.

How about Russia "bad" Ukraine and NATO "good"?

How about America "bad" and the rest of the World, oppressed by America, "good"? Or America "racist" and the rest of the World "not racist"? Or every human is equal in capability to every other human? (All from Marxist dialectic philosophy, or derivative. Dialectic means polarization rationality; no pesky nuance of reality. That tactic has been so effective by Marxists in the US that the population is now thoroughly polarized.)

How about people who think differently than you "bad, evil, deluded, frustrating" and those who agree with you "good, informed, rational"?

TimTuolomne 8 Mar 13

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It's best to remember that 83.597% of all statistics are made up.

Good one. But seriously, around 1990, the GAO studied the Internet and published their estimate that it was approximately 27% accurate.

It is my opinion that the Internet is far worse today. We are in a time much like the Dark Ages, before Guttenberg, in which people believed in anything that seemed persuasive, including condemnation of witches, alchemy, dragons...which many are believing in again today, because of the Internet, which has effectively replaced books. Even books - once sacrosanct and synonymous with diligence for accuracy, have been co-opted by Marxist revision of history and science. Many professional agencies, including the medical profession, have also lost credibility.

Unfortunately people do not form beliefs dispassionately, as if its a neutral choice. As soon as they are convinced they have something to fear, whatever belief they form becomes almost immutable.

@TimTuolomne Yes, I agree with your take on the internet which has been a cause of people not thinking for themselves, not remembering our past wisdoms. When we forget what we have forgotten, dark ages will follow.


Solar power plants kill birds. There is a video, they actually ignite in flight. Like poof!
Nazis vs Russia. The US has their DNA all over that one. Democrat Nazi Alliance… I made that one up😬

There are solar reflective fields that focus sunlight onto a central steam generator that are truly a documented hazard to birds and aircraft. Birds sometimes fly too near to the steam generator, just like they sometimes fly between power lines and in both cases are instantly killed.

Solar heliostats sometimes malfunction and do not remain focused on the steam generator, and thereby can interfere with pilots attempting to land or take off. The FAA has taken action to influence the location of airports and solar steam generators for that reason.

No one has done anything about the far greater danger to birds from power lines, but it is assumed that no one wants to give up their electric conveniences.

Much like the hypocrisy of shutting down society over COVID killing those who would have died in nursing homes anyway, when cars are far more deadly, but untouchable as a social control.


Good points, all! Though I've never been that close to a windmill, I still believe a misled bird gets tangled up in those things occasionally.

In Colorado, where I live, there are literally thousands of 300 foot diameter windmills, and I have worked around many of them. I have never seen even one bird carcass under one. When I lived in Cape Cod, also near dozens of windmills, large and small, both high and low RPM, same thing.

@TimTuolomne Well, Good! I live in a bird migratory route so I guess I'll have to travel to the sites and see for myself! Thanks

@dmatic Be sure and ask the technicians who work on them - that is, if they seem reasonably truthful. If truthful, they are around them all the time and will be able to tell you. I have also met some "drama queens" who love to assert that the sky is falling.

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