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Taxes: Federal Taxes.

2019-04-06 21:50

Federal Taxes, they are not needed. Not on individuals, directly. Granted prices may change on corporate taxes. But here is the thing. Free Trade can be for individuals and sole owned companies without boards. All income taxes can removed from Individuals.
We can have a limited tax on Public and Collective Governed Corporations, as well as Tariffs for Multinational Corporations as a user fee for access to domestic markets. Could even be a per sale tithe, like 10% per sale of goods and services, but not on your individual purchases.
You’ll have to ask info at or tell them you like this, because it’s my policy and would be my bill. So I am not speaking as this is party policy, but how could they disagree? Support a collective over an individual, I doubt it.
The reality of it, is, most of what the Federal Government does is not help anybody. It just taxes and helps civil servants who oppress Indians and Govern what you say, redistribute money to three provinces. We can replace this with a Government that collects what it needs to Govern your individual rights, including an independent Level of Government that can arrest even local and provincial cops over abuse of power.
The tax was originally only authorized for a war long gone. We don’t need to offer foreign aide or fight foreign wars, or ignore our own needs at our own cost. []

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GZLFB 4 Apr 19

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You've been posting lots of walls of text recently XD

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