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Here's a tip for safety-minded men (overheard on the Internet): "If a woman ever pulls a knife on you, just pull out two slices of bread. Her womanly instincts will kick in, and she will make you a sandwich!"

Wordmage 7 Apr 20

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Clearly you don't come from an Irish family lol


Thanks for the laugh🙂


Umh. I carry a knife. My first instinct is to go for the throat or the eyes. Pull out two slices of bread, you can use them to mop up your own blood.

And then will you make me a sandwich?


Hahahaha, that's great! Somewhere a feminist just exploded...

And she was a drummer in a girl band lol. Vinyl Wrap


Much like Chuck Norris attending a feminist rally, and coming back with his shirt ironed.

Best one so far! Still laughing.

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