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I would like to bring attention to not only the border patrol but the PATRIOTS who have taken upon themselves to keep this Great nation safe and a Free Nation from what I truly believe to be A push for Globalization of a one world Government. If you have a different view, please feel free to post it. We must honor them and all who work daily to make sure this Great nation stays a sovereign Nation. They understand it is the future generations that rely on us to make sure it does for true freedom for them.
Today I Pray and hold them dear to me in my heart and thoughts as I am safe and free because of many like them Today and that have come before.

Thank you all God bless, and God bless America.

Gerri4321 7 Apr 20

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It's not vigilante action when the government is tasked to uphold a duty that it is specifically and in full awareness of its actions failing to uphold in direct violation of the Sovereign Interests of the people it's supposed to be representing. The power-monger apologists easily forget that they've been promising us a Border Security Solution for decades, since the 1980s as a top-priority item, and have betrayed those promises by bleeding legislation dry for political pet projects.

This is a resultant product of an illegitimate body-politic and people stepping up to clog the holes before we sink. There is far more than this situation that challenges the legitimacy of the Federal Government, including "constitution free" zones.

I applaud them for doing the right thing in a land that is quickly becoming lawless. The government derives its authority via its legitimacy in serving our interests. It's becoming very apparent they are no longer serving our interests and are outright betraying us. So they're losing grip on their claim to authority.

People are taking matters into their own hands because our government is betraying us.

Soon the government will use the only thing it knows to reinforce its claim to authority: violence.

And then we all know what follows.

Up to 22 million illegals in this country - that's not an "oopsie."

Excellent closing line!

Maybe we could reduce the number of people that want to take ADVANTAGE of our Great Country by rounding up the people that are here illegally, ARM them, give them a copy of our Constitution (in their native language) and give them a FREE ride home with instructions to implement the Document in they own Country. That might give them a reason to stay HOME!!!!!!!!!!!


I stand by the many trying to do what they have a legal right to do to protect this country. A slap on the wrist crime to cross the border cost every American billion in taxes a year drains charities, free health clinics, doctors buses donated time, church aid, food banks, and more. Take many needed things away from our homeless and needed men women and children here. Am I heartless no we send aid worldwide can I stop the corrupt governments if the world not only their people can!


I have many issues with this, but I'll focus on one of them. If you elevate crossing the border outside of a port of entry to the level of a serious crime, you should be equally or more critical of armed vigilante action.

Armed vigilante in action? Under the 2A of the constitution of the United States, Any man from 18 to I believe 45 has a right to bear Arms and protect the Country as seen fit by a chosen leader among them. Sorry if this is offensive to you in any way. But we will stay a safe free sorvegion Nation only by standing up with the rights we have to to do so. I will not bend to the statement that I should be critical of the men and women who are doing what they have every right to do to protect their country! America funds walls to be built worldwide if we must bear arms to protect our own country so let it be. Even God said build walls have a blessed day.

One more thing you can get in line behind the ACLU to kiss my AMERICAN BUTT!

That is what is called a false dichotomy IMO. On one hand you have violation of our national sovereignty and on the other you have citizens exercising their constitutionally protected rights. They are not compatible at all. Next...

...Reading the post again, what exactly is meant by "armed vigilante action"?

The protests in Pittsburgh for example:

"Hundreds of protesters, many openly carrying guns, gathered in downtown Pittsburgh Monday to rally against the city council's proposed restrictions on some firearms and ammunition. According to CBS Pittsburgh, about 600 people met outside the City-County Building downtown for the "Open Carry Rally."


Would this meet the definition of armed vigilante action? And is it being suggested that these protesters are committing a more serious crime than illegal aliens do when they sneak across our border?

Is it being suggested that they are committing a crime at all?

@James I would say that infringing upon another person's due process rights using armed force is more of a vigilante action than collectively marching down the street with a gun on your belt.

@James Improper entry is a misdemeanor violation of civil immigration law. It's like getting a speeding ticket.

@James What these vigilantes are doing is a criminal felony that impairs the rule of law.

@James Show me where in US law this concept of national sovereignty exists.

@WilyRickWiles Lol you joking right?

@WilyRickWiles American men and women fight and die every day to keep other countries free from the same thing that you are saying we should allow happening here if are men and women are going to die should it not be for their own country? Due possess under the law does not suppress the right to protect your country sorry.


@WilyRickWiles it is not criminal to exercise your 2A right like or not!

@WilyRickWiles, that's about to change & it's high time it did.

@WilyRickWiles exactly which vigilantes are you talking about?

@WilyRickWiles, you're going to have to work your way up to this one. I suggest you start with the Magna Carta, then the Mayflower Compact, then the Declaration of Independence, then the Articles of Confederation, then the Constitution for the united States of America. If you haven't found it by then, you may be hopeless lol. Seriously though, that's where you'll find it, the rest is up to you.

@Tommy6915, @Gerri4321 Not seeing any replies that contradict me...

@WilyRickWiles I sent many many replies that state the fact that the Constitution of the United States gives every American Citizen the right to do exactly what is being done better look back through the post again

@WilyRickWiles well looks this post tells you where to find it or stick it and I say get in line behind the other guy and the ACLU to kiss my AMERICAN LOVING BUTT! have a great night.

@Gerri4321 Weak sauce...

@WilyRickWiles and aiding and abetting any criminal is against the law and punishable by law sanctuary cities are not legal by law. They are aiding and abetting criminals

@WilyRickWiles you are. I agree!

@Gerri4321 Nice try blustering your way out of this argument. I hear a lot about guns, not a lot about justifying pointing guns at people who aren't an invading army.

@WilyRickWiles you know they are pointing guns? You are there? Guns protect from harm you may think these are innocent helpless people but watch some Mexican news and see the truth.

@WilyRickWiles keep laughing you have nothing to stand on I leave you with your peace-loving friendly kind better life seeking new friends caught on video.

@WilyRickWiles clearly mine weren't intended to contradict. One was speculation, the other a question you didn't answer & the last was clearly where you can find the answer to your rhetorical question. Not to state the obvious or anything.

@Tommy6915 If you can't tell who the vigilantes are from the OP or the context of my comments, I don't know what to say.


Well gee Willy, kind of a lot happenin' these days. Sounded like you mighta been referring to a specific confrontation on the border that had you defending some illegal scumbags & condemning some Americans for protecting their country.

Not sure what country you live in but here, we understand what's happening at the border & our people will do what's necessary because they DO understand the rule of law, as do most Americans. Now clearly you're not a fan of America so maybe you go spend some time on that border feeding those poor illegal souls. Maybe cleaning up their rape trees & disposing of the bodies after they leave, & reflecting on how you envy & respect them & feel so sorry that we're done rolling out the welcome mat. Then you can go back home & convince your government to take them all in. Maybe you can even house a bunch, trade recipes & sing kumbaya into the wee hrs of your mornings. A splendid idea if i do say so myself.

Ricky, when they start taking OUR tax dollars, it is no longer trespassing, it is theft and most likely at a Felonious level!!!! But then AGAIN, I am wasting my time with you!! You are obviously incapable of critical thinking or understanding basic FACTS


And ACLU is calling them "fascists".

The ACLU can kiss my AMERICAN BUTT!

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