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Another interesting fact is that those who accuse anyone of being a Russian agent or spewing Russian propaganda support a country that has a party which they literally refer to as The Chinese COMMUNIST Party. Cognitive dissidence runs ramped in the world.

Noone 8 Mar 28

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1 people who accuse people of being Russian agents are no more likely to support China because of that. You're just being incorrect, here. I assume you're talking about the left, or liberals, or Democrats, or Western socialists. Those generally don't support China anymore than the right does.

Then both political parties are corrupt. "You're supporting what you stand against. You don't think you are but a Parkinson addict don't donate money to pharma"

@Noone Meh...I think I might get what you're saying...but there's a difference between supporting China and speaking propaganda for China, or Russia. I will condemn many of the behaviors of both China and Russia, while seeing advantages to having economic relationships with both countries...especially China.

If you're been paying attention to the Ukraine war, which most people have, I think, I've been watching a guy who's been monitoring the surprising success of Ukraine against Russia. He proposed a hypothesis that, perhaps, the economic networking of the world moving the world more to a world in which you have to get permission from the world to declare war, or else their sanctions will make you declaring war incredibly difficult.

So, that could reduce wars. Also, the more power Wal-Mart has in China, I figure, the less likely we'll end up in a war with China.

If I'm spouting untrue propaganda for either country though, that's typically just going to be a bad thing.

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