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People are always looking for CCP infiltration and cooperation with our politicians. NOT ONCE has anyone looked at WEF infiltration of our entire political class, BOTH sides of the aisle. GOP are wimps and have done little more that voice concerns. Zero real action. Once November is said and done, are we likely to see any REAL action? Or are they too sold out to WEF??

toronto_Georgia 8 Apr 11

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World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab). We need to know which Congressmen and Senators are members of that group. THEY are the NWO, the Green New Deal and the Great Reset.


Seems like there isn't a party that hasn't come under influence by the WEF in some shape or form (in all the major western nations), whether directly or indirectly.
We have general elections here in Australia, next month. Both major parties have (or have had) WEF members and seem to be steering towards the same WEF agenda, albeit from different directions.

So were WEF always looking for the greedy and somewhat crooked to influence? I suspect so. Knock the 'weak' souls off one by one. Easy to influence and easy to bribe either with $$ or future promises of glory.

@toronto_Georgia that's exactly it. The WEF appeals to these politicians sense of superiority by offering the chance to be part of an 'exclusive' and 'elite' organisation. Then it seals the deal by offering them either fame, fortune or power (whatever their poison of preference may be).


This is what Levin means by "Toryism in the GOP": Republican politics made in London.

or Switzerland.

@dd54 Washington and Brussels. Both used by London to rewrite Africa's history. And I thought Switzerland was neutral. How did they get Davos, Glencore, Dulles, and CERN? What happened?

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