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White House Dragged on Twitter After Claiming GOP ‘In Lockstep with Putin’ By Blaming Record-High Inflation on Biden


RealAlexJones 8 Apr 12

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The Democrats have room to talk about others being in lockstep. What? Are we supposed to be in lockstep with them? "Well....yeah. On the issue of Putin evil! " Why? Because the deep state and progressive libtards say so? Even after you have inserted yourselves into Ukraine for the past 12 years at least. Engineering a coup to install your preferred puppet, laundering billions of dollars through Ukraine to fund Nazis and enrich your families with kickbacks. Where was all the coverage of the atrocities and carnage the militant nationalists were responsible for leading up to this Russian invasion?

This is simply virtue signaling and a claim to moral superiority!

It's kinda funny to watch the stupid hypocrisy Western nations (especially US, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Australia/New Zealand) spew against Putin.

  • He's a dictator/tyrant- maybe so, but has he treated his own citizens any worse than the West has since covid? And who has a history and is currently funding extremists?
  • He doesn't allow a free press - does the West? Between MSM propaganda and big tech censorship (not to mention force fed, woke narratives)...
  • He's stupid/mad - compare him to his Western counterparts 🤦
  • He shouldn't have invaded a sovereign country - like the West has, for cheaper goods/trade dominance for at least the past 30 years?
  • He instigated a separatist movement/coup for political gain - obviously not as successfully though as the West and it's colour revolutions
  • He's bloodthirsty and wants war - who's been making the most money off their military industrial complex or getting trade deals for supporting it?
  • He wants to reinstate the power of the USSR - guess the WEF globalists don't understand irony

It's all a farce. Wonder what the next NPC software update will be?

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