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For those who are accepting the Ukrainian & western media's narrative at face value, including those who went so far as to say, "But Ukraine wouldn't target its own civilians!" … here's a news story from September 2021." It reveals what Ukrainian forces were doing prior to the Russian invasion, since 2014, in fact. For the people living there, this war didn't just start in 2022. For them, the Russians were liberators, having put a stop to atrocities & genocide committed by Ukrainians. In order to accept the "Russia bad, Ukraine good" narrative, one must be myopic & remain ignorant of (recent, immediate) history. Note that, in 2021, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was aware of the shelling of civilian targets within the Ukrainian-asserted borders by Ukrainian forces, yet he did not put a stop to it.

"Kiev Targets Civilians In Eastern Ukraine As Punishment For Crimea Election"

Most recently, on the morning of September 21st, the [Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF)] opened fire on the town of Yasinovataya firing 15 shells from a 120-mm mortar.
A kindergarten was damaged, as well as a sanatorium boarding the school. All the children had to be taken to a bomb shelter and injuries were avoided, but a pipeline nearby was struck in the shelling.
The UAF carried out the attack from their position from the separation line in the village of Verkhnetoretskoe, which was split in two between the Donetsk People’s Republic troops and Kiev.

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