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Leonydus Johnson has a special skill at distilling the Left's position on the issues:

"If you've never killed anybody, you have absolutely no right to tell someone else they can't kill people, ok?
And keep your religion out of it, you crazy Christian extremists. If you don't like killing, then don't kill anyone. Problem solved. Mind your business."

Wordmage 8 May 6

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"Special skill at distilling?" LOL With this simplistic assertion? There is killing, and there is killing. Not all killing is the same.


Anyone telling someone else that they have no right to an opinion or to express it is an Ahole. Now, you might not have an INFORMED opinion, but that is up for argument -- which is kinda the purpose of expressing an opinion.

This is the same crappola line of "reasoning" that commie trash use when telling men they have no right to speak about abortion -- since they can't be preggos. Or, you can't talk about what it is to be black if you are white. BS

It is simply a cheap means to shut someone up that you don't agree with.

Agreed. That's exactly the point he's making. Those who tell others they can't have opinions on slavery, civil rights, or [issue] "because you're not black" are beclowning themselves, as are those who claim men can't have opinions on abortion. It's ridiculous to tell anyone "you can't have an opinion on this because you aren't me."
Yes, it's just a disingenuous way of shedding up those you don't agree with.

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