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Veganism to Blame? Joe Rogan & Others Suggest World Champion Boxer Lost Title Fight Due To New Diet


RealAlexJones 8 May 9

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Saw an interesting article a while back, will look for it. Anyhoo, vegans/vegetarians (i.e., they are different like socialists are different from commies) go on about how taking life is a sin, any life. Even the tiniest life is precious. (At this point you do hafta suspend the diversion into abortion twaddle).
OK, I can get on board for that for the purpose of discussion. Nonetheless ......... go on.
Then, they say that eating only plants will spare life, unlike killing critters for protein/fat.
Umm, OK, at least this shows some surprising amount of logic.
So, in order to feed the billions of humans all farms need to be turned organic (no pesticides) and ranching, hunting, etc outlawed.
Again, surprising bit of logic there.

Now, the contrary point. To raise and then harvest that amount of plant matter will involve significant disruption of the farmed land -- no lollygagging about collecting fruit, veggies and such in handwoven baskets. This is gonna be serious automation. Now, the article went into a lot of detail about how little bugs will be slaughtered in the hundreds of billions in any sort of massive agriculture.
So much so that for every food animal "saved" millions of bugs will be sacrificed.

If all life is precious, veganism is the work of the devil.

And let's not forget the wild life that eats and destroys crops which has to be eliminated, and guess how that is done. Basicaaly former military and competition shooters.
Deer, wild boars/feral hogs, ground hogs, rats, etc. Will eat the plants before they mature. The majority of Vegans in don't know this happens to protect the food supply which they partake in.


Boxers have long known they need meat in their diet.


Colon Kaepernick lost his 1st string QB job because he went vegan, them blamed it on racism

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