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An Early Look at Potential Biden Replacements in 2024


Here are the potential replacements as listed and discussed in the article:

The Unacceptable Heir Apparent – Kamala Harris
The Challenger in his own mind – Pete Buttigieg
The Queen Across the Water (Or on Martha’s Vineyard) – Michelle Obama
Colorado Governor Jared Polis
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer
Kentucky Governor Andrew Beshear

The article concludes:

There are, of course, other candidates. AOC will still be too young to run in 2024, and it is hard to see other members of the Squad running as more than promotional schemes. As for the Senate, it is full of those who see themselves as future presidents, but the unpopularity of the institution among Democrats who wish to see it abolished, along with the perception that Senate Democrats have been ineffective, will hurt their appeal in the same way GOP senators struggled in the 2016 primaries. Finally, the leading Senators are getting old. Elizabeth Warren will be 75. Amy Klobuchar will be 64.

Regardless of who earns the Democratic nomination in 2024, they will likely face stiff competition from the Republican candidate – Donald Trump or otherwise. With unified control for the first time in more than a decade, Democrats have proven themselves both extreme on policy and woefully incompetent at governing. The Democratic primary contest may thus already largely be a battle for second place in the race for the White House.

What are your thoughts?

KeithThroop 8 May 10

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Buttigieg presided over a shipping shutdown, a trucking shutdown, a baby formula shortage, a gasoline shortage, an aviation industry disruption, and a fireworks shortage.

In 2020, Democrat voters embraced Buttigieg as a savior. They praised him to the moon in social media posts. Go back to those posts and post replies, pointing out that they bet on a lame horse.

Democrat voters are gullible. They embrace fake saviors. They embraced Obama a a savior, and Obama sucked. Many Democrats say they'll vote for Michelle. If Obama sucked, how could Michelle do any better? How could Biden do any better?

Democrats will fall for another fake savior. They will designate a new savior and bully Republicans with the fake savior, and it will turn out that the fake savior sucks. Democrats have bullied Republicans with 10 failed fake saviors in a row. Boy who called wolf. Tell Democrats to shove their 11th savior up their asses.

Democrats claim that America will be saved if we vote for identity politicians, yet every identity politician that the Democratic elite offers us turns out to suck.

The oligarchs are deliberately backing sucky politicians.


I didn't think the Democrats had anyone in 2016 and look what happened, can there be a fair election?


Actually AOC would be allowed to run. She would turn 35 before election day, and the requirement is only that you are at least 35 before assuming office.

If only OccassionalCortex had the thing .... you know... the thing


Piccie prompts a bit of thought as looking forward to 2024. We have 3 more years of the crappola parade that is the BeijingBiden/MochaVeep regime.

I suspect/fear the response to that is gonna be verrrry interesting.


Tulsi Gabbard has shown herself to be willing and able to at least negotiate and to work effectively with Republicans. Democrats might consider putting Tulsi on the ticket in order to soothe the brows of angered legacy voters. If those "trusted" and consistent democrat voters believe that the next administration is going to behave like "old school" democrats then they (voters) will stay with their tradition of voting democrat.
Even a small demonstration of humility and conciliatory speech would be enough to hold on to the Democrat constituency.
Keep in mind that there WILL be at least one Female (and most likely an ethnic female) on Democrat tickets going forward.
The Republicans will HAVE to do the same - so also keep that in mind when thinking about the future demographic makeup of both Dem and Rep POTUS tickets

I think the idea is to move away from race based elections, not rubber stamping it. Also this looks way to far ahead with a republican congress and senate likely to impeach biden/harris post november midterms. Remember with the MAGA crowd replacing the RINOs its going to be a whole different ethos.

Shits going to hit the fan big time.

@CookieMonster I am hopeful for the occurrence of that "whole new ethos". But we cannot ignore nor dismiss the reality that thousands ne' millions of voters viscerally despise Donald Trump. They viscerally dislike and distrust anyone and anything that is connected in any way to Donald Trump.
Those of us who love the man and promote his Brand will not be enough to overcome the known successful tactics of the Communist Party (aka Democrat party). There are far too many "never-Trumpers / RINOs lurking about in the conservative camp.

We cannot take for granted that the Communists have struck out in the 1st year of the Obiden administration. Nor can we pretend that the obvious and well known fact of the Communist Partys' vote fraud will prevent them doing it again.

I have yet to see the GOP take any real stance and or action on prevention of the fraud of 2020 repeated in 2022. Where is that leadership?

Personally I don't see Trump on the Ballot this time around. But his endorsements will present a very high profile in many if not most candidates.

Demographic (Race, sex...the whole laundry list) elections will be with us permanently. That old mold has been smashed and cast aside - for better or for worse.
We can never let ourselves think that a successful election cycle is going to be a shoe in for Constitutional conservatism.

Yes a good argument can be made for the fact that this Obiden (illegitimate) administration has angered voters on the left as well as on the Right. But those legacy leftist voters will look for any reason or excuse to vote the way they have always voted.

My fear is that I don't see any real planning on the part of the GOP - its as if they think the Communists have shot themselves in the foot and now they (GOP) don't have to do much if anything to win in this mid-term cycle.


Demographic politics are social politics not economic politics. People with empty bellies will vote for people offering food always.

A lot of this is going to burn in the next couple of years.


A lot of this is going to burn in the next couple of years

From the moment the 2020 election was stolen "the next couple years" became absolutely unpredictable. Hell we can't even predict what will happen (Domestically and Internationally) tomorrow much less 12 or 24 months from now.
This unpredictability creates instability not only here in CONUS but all over the world.
The Obiden "foreign policy" is non-existent. No one knows if they can count on USA to act like the "most powerful hegemon that we were before the Communists stole the election.
This kind of uncertainty lends itself to a significant uptick in "tensions" and that leads to war because - who's going to stop them. Not the USA - not anymore it seems.
Face it or pretend it isn't there but we are on the brink of global warfare right now. Which means that at any time this illegitimate O'Biden administration could and might well declare a National Emergency and implement Martial Law. (mid-term elections? what's that)
Call me a pessimist - a nay-sayer; what have you. Much as I would love to be able to say that the near future is going to be peaceful and stable - but I just do not see that happening. I do not see the near future becoming once again relatively peaceful and productive.

@iThink @CookieMonster @w0tn0t @guru @KeithThroop

Gabbard will never again win a Democratic primary. How long will it take her to realize she's now a Republican?

Republican news anchors treat Gabbard like a celebrity. Gabbard could win a Republican primary.

In the 2020 Dem primary, Gabbard was the only credible candidate, and she got no votes. Democrat voters are dumb.

Every country has a left vs. right civil war. WW3 will be a global left vs. right war.

America got strong by harnessing its natural resources. 100000 people hustled to North Dakota to farm. 100000 people hustled to the Yukon to mine gold. Today, Brazil has bigly natural resources, and they're doing a good job harnessing them. Bolsonaro is a conservative, and he appeared for an hour on the Carlson show. In the future, we need for Brazil to be a natural resources oriented nation, with a conservative commander.

Colombia just flipped from right to left.

Japan is conservative. America is doomed. The only hope for the future is Japan, Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, and India.

The world is a bigass game of Go.

War is the mother of invention. War gave us the American Constitution.

@jaymaron As I recall, and as I pointed out in another thread some time ago, Tulsi Gabbard left the DNC to support Bernie Sanders, who is an outright Socialist. Although she shares a number of views with Republicans, she is not a true conservative (and, sadly, neither are many RINO's these days). In my opinion, in some of her views, she is much more in the category of what used to be called "Blue Dog Democrats." She shares a number of views with conservatives, especially on some foreign policy issues, but she is definitely a liberal on key social issues: []

On a side note, she is extremely confused on spiritual issues, as her statements here clearly indicate: []

If she can claim to agree with “the teachings of both the Bhagavad-Gita and the New Testament,” then she probably doesn't understand either, but she certainly doesn't understand the New Testament. So, she is apparently as inconsistent in her political perspective as she is in her religious perspective. She apparently tries to straddle the fence in both areas. At any rate, I don't see how she will ever get the support of true conservatives once they see who she really is in all of her political views.

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