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I believe this year’s Kentucky Derby is illustrative of where we are in America. Let’s face it: It doesn’t look good for the United States—or the free world. To put it in racing terms, the odds of America overcoming the billionaire machines that are orchestrating the collapse of freedom, limited government, foundational moral principles and sound economics is about the same as those of Rich Strike winning the Kentucky Derby.

lawrenceblair 8 May 12

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The real problem the demons have is that they are unable to attack the object of their rage, so they attack that which is an image thereof. Even if they were capable of mounting a direct attack on the Creator of existence, they cannot in any way defeat Him. But He is defending His creation and empowering His people. They may seem to be winning, like Epicenter seemed to do so, but there's a Rich Strike moving up on the inside Who will pass them like they're standing still. I read the end of the book. They cannot alter the plan of God.

It always puzzled me why the fallen watchers rebelled in the first place, when it is obvious there's no chance in winning a contest with God. Then I discovered something as I was doing a word search on "invisible." I now believe there is a strong possibility that none of the watchers has ever seen the Father. They've only been dealing with the Son all this time.

@eschatologyguy That seems to make sense. But also remember that the Watchers had the example of Lucifer whose rebellion happened before the Earth was formed. If the Father did not immediately eradicate Lucifer and his followers, Samyaza and the others ought to be OK, no? Of course they disrupted the whole plan and there had to be a flood to wash away the mess they created.


before the Earth was formed

When I was still in my 20s, decades before I read anyone's writings about the "Gap Theory," I already picked up that the "was" in Gen 1:2 is the Hebrew היה or hayah, which means "became" (same word used on Lot's wife who "became" a pillar of salt). I even made a two page pamphlet on it. I had this (now worn out) old Strong's Exhaustive Concordance which I used "exhaustively." Lots of debate going on with that Gap Theory, but I believe the first eradication was even worse than the second one - the flood - which had survivors in Noah's group of eight. I believe no flesh survived in the first. God's election and calling, we are told, is without repentance. In the other realm I believe it is the same thing, so this is why the adversary is still around. That election and calling on him (which he perverted) will finally be ended when this first creation gets ended - burned up "in fervent heat," and a new heavens and a new earth is made. Same condition God made for reneging on His calling and election of Israel in Jeremiah 31:33-36. This is why, I believe, the entire creation has to be destroyed, so God can finally destroy the fallen ones. God sets the rules and He Himself does not break any of them, and that says a lot about His more than rock-solid character.

@eschatologyguy Would it not be a better world if humans refused to compromise with evil? It is that "go along to get along" attitude that enables the rise of evil in society. God fully understands this. When Israel entered the land they were instructed to completely eradicate the Amorites and Jebusites, but they refused to comply and wound up engaging in the same sins as the heathen.


If there was no serpent in the garden to derail God's original plan for man, what we read in Rev 22:2 would still have been the end result, people and nations living at peace. Now this place is definitely not the earth we know, which kind of gives a clue... but I guess I'll have to stop here and not wander into the hypothetical. Let's just put it as Paul wrote it in 1 Corinthians 2:9

"But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him."


@eschatologyguy Amen and amen! And note: "The sufferings of this present world are not worthy to be compared to the glory of the world to come."

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