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Pro-abortion activist tells Congress that men can give birth, receive abortions
"Men can become pregnant and have abortions?" asked Rep. Bishop. "Yes," replied Aimee Arrambide.


JohnBurke 8 May 19

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If you watch the videos at the link, you’ll see the only way anybody can support abortion is if they are willfully ignorant. The young lady that refused to answer the questions with anything other than her mantra was just an extreme case of willful ignorance. I’m glad she’s the one representing the abortion industry. Equally ignorant and foolish is the Dr that tried to say that a baby isn’t human until after it is born.


if a man can show me he has a uterus and he has a monthly period. there is an old joke. if the wife had the first baby and the man had the second and the woman had the third, there would never be a fourth. men would not stand the pain.

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