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Biden is 'not the real president'

guru 9 May 19

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Its the Kenya-born extra-terrestrial managing Biden's teleprompter.

Nah, pretty sure barry is just middle management, there are much bigger players…

@2peros I think there are bigger players internationally but Barry is a player and has been given the marionette controls. When I see Biden I feel like I am watching an episode of the old Gerry Anderson supermarionation TV series Supercar or Thunderbirds.


We have the first purely theatrical presidency. Biden-Harris are just actors playing a role. Neither of them has any say in policy. Biden is unable to form enough sentences to articulate anything more than a lunch order. Harris is just a marionette that no one would bother asking for an opinion. Biden’s struggles with dementia underscore the absurdity of his being president.

I really wish I could disagree with that assessment. But, where you're right, you're right.

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