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GOP to go on offensive, portray Jan. 6 probe as 'unconstitutional and illegitimate'

Focus of counteroffensive will be on Pelosi failures to secure the Capitol prior to riots, Rep. Elise Stefanik says.

As Democrats ramp up hearings and secure a second Trump advisor's arrest for contempt, Republicans are finally launching a counteroffensive to the Jan. 6 committee designed to portray the investigation as "unconstitutional and illegitimate" and to put a focus on Speaker Nancy Pelosi's failures in protecting the Capitol.

With little fanfare Republicans have gathered significant evidence about the Democrats' failure to pre-emptively protect the Capitol, turning down an offer the weekend before the riots from the Trump Pentagon for National Guard troops and failing to react to intelligence warnings. Stefanik said that will be a key focus.


Garsco 8 June 5

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Good luck with that. Nothing will change until the culture changes. That will happen when run out of money, or we grow up and take on more responsibilities.In the meanwhile we get more nonsense like this.


Democrats know their time is short. On January 5th, 2023 they loose control of the House and their "Select Committee." When their victims are in charge the committee will do real investigation of crimes against the people, and not false charges of insurrection in order to disqualify political opponents.


Well, this is 6 months overdue and probably prompted by those finally awakening to the Nov mids.
Generally, a GOP offensive is like a charge of lemmings. Just step aside.

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