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Monday morning (June 13th) Mom-update for friends who pray: Nothing notable or exciting happened over the weekend. Mom was ensconced in a St. Petersburg rehab center, having been discharged from the hospital late Thursday. The physical therapist met with her Friday, but apparently they get weekends off. Mom did do some additional lengths of her room with the walker provided by the rehab center, but other than that it was basically waiting until Monday for more therapy — and getting her heart meds late or possibly skipped by the early morning crew on the weekend. This morning when I talked with her before her breakfast was brought in, she floated the idea of asking whether a bed has opened up at the facility near home, where I could visit her more easily & more regularly. I agreed that's probably a good idea. It's smaller, so I suspect the administrative & treatment cracks she can fall through are also smaller. And, if I'm able to visit more, maybe that will subtly put more pressure on them to pay closer attention to her treatment & care. But, she sounds much better than she did last week, by several orders of magnitude, and she knows she needs to remain active and move/exercise as much as possible to regain her strength to be ready to come home and resume normal life activities. Like tending her garden. At the moment, her garden is UN-tended, so if there is anyone local who might be interested in spending an hour or so here to make sure her fruit trees and pineapples get well-soaked, that sort of assistance would be appreciated. There doesn't appear to be much rain in the forecast for the coming week, and all these plants will quickly languish in the 90+ degree heat. Most importantly, though, please keep up the prayers — that her carers will be attentive to the med-schedule, that her PT sessions will go well, and that she will be strengthened enough to return home soon. Thank you!

Wordmage 8 June 13

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