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'Squirrel privilege is real': Woke minds bemoan ANIMAL 'inequality' []

JohnBurke 8 June 22

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So even animals reject marxism as unnatural and trash?😂
It's hilarious to watch these pseudo intellectuals prove themselves (and marxism) wrong and unnatural everytime they try to make a point, without even realising it.


Maybe it wasn’t supposed to indicate that the “Inequality” was “unnatural” or “unusual”?
Maybe it was actually an attempt to say its … NORMAL … Even in Humans?

“The College Fix documented that, "most writers covering this topic failed to note the obvious lesson of such studies, but at least one reporter did spot it, Spencer Brown of Townhall in his piece 'Animal 'Privilege' Accidentally Undercuts Leftist Narrative.'"”


I don't even spank my monkey😳🙄🙈🙊🐒🙉🤣

a pox on you!



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