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Losing the battle? Pentagon COVID-19 vax mandates tottering under legal scrutiny

The [Navy Administrative Separation Board] agreed with the officer's lawyer, R. Davis Younts, who argued at the board hearing that the mandate for the experimental COVID vaccines was not a lawful order since the military has not made fully FDA-approved versions of the vaccines available to military members....

Master Sergeant Vincent White, was served an "Article 15" non-judicial punishment in April, which is an allegation of violation of a lawful order. When White declined to accept the punishment and requested a trial by court-martial instead, the Air Force rescinded the punishment, but still intends to take his case to an administrative separation board.

At the time, Younts, who also represents White, told Just the News, "It'd be a significant embarrassment and a huge blow to the Air Force to have a judge rule [the mandate] an unlawful order or have a jury find ... that it's not a lawful order."

If the vaccine order was found to be unlawful through a court-martial trial, it "would set a precedent that other military judges would be likely to follow," Younts explained....

"It is extremely hard for my clients to understand what the primary motivation is for the DOD to continue to push the mandate and refuse to recognize natural immunity, adverse events associated with the vaccine, and the ongoing loss of highly trained and qualified personnel. The continued push feels extremely vindictive and political to my clients.”


Garsco 8 July 15

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Of course it is political. Everything covid related has ALWAYS been political.

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