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Steve Bannon trial jury begins deliberations after hearing closing arguments

The defense ... told jurors that "the entire foundation of the government’s case rests" on the testimony of January 6th Committee staffer Kristen Amerling.

Bannon’s lawyer, in closing arguments, told the jury:

"You need to consider whether a witness has a friendship or hostility towards anybody connected with the case, that some something you need to consider," Bannon lawyer Evan Corcoran said.
Corcoran told the jury that [Jan. 6 Committee Staffer Kristen] Amerling has an interest in the outcome of the case. "She’s been doing committee work for Democrats for 20 years. She has a relationship with one of the prosecutors on the case, Mrs. Gaston. It goes back 15 years. She’s contributed her own money to Democratic causes."
Corcoran also told reminded the jury about testimony that Amerling and Gaston had a relationship outside of work, as members of the same book club. Corcoran also told the jury politics are at play in this case.
"Prosecution has to be based on unbiased neutral evidence, politics can play no role, and Steve Bannon is innocent," he said.


Garsco 8 July 22

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“But it is not the judge who judges. The judge only takes his pay. The directives did the judging.” #Solzhenitsyn #TheGulagArchipelago


Jury finds Bannon GUILTY. Sentence TBA.


Which means that it, too, was calumny.

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