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There are superficially different parties in a Liberal Democratic system, but this is a controlled system not all too different from the way that Communism was run. That means that no party is allowed to politick against Liberal Democracy in a Liberal Democracy just as no one is allowed to politick against Communism under Communism.

lawrenceblair 8 Sep 23

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Sude people, it's historians that get communism all wrong. I'm not at all saying that being democrat or liberal is the same thing as communism right now. But, it's just people say that communism is about the spreading of equal resources, that socialism is the belief in the resources being equal to everyone, they have the other ways around. The only problem with communism is the basses that we may live in a perfect world, the only problem with that is that happens we may not live in such a perfect world, that's why these issues matter to real people, if we did, happen, to live in such a perfect world, communism wouldn't have been the issues, the people would have been. There is no such thing as a perfect system. The idea is to as close to being communism as possible without actually becoming communists. Again that isn't just to be saying that democrat liberalism is the best way of doing so, I'm just saying. There has to be a better solution than what has been happening thus far... I mean, apparently what we're thinking about doing hasn't been working out for us thus far, and yet everyone seems to believe in some kind of system that's supposedly meant to be working for us now.


There are only two problems with politics in the United States, Democrats and Republicans.

The problem is the direction of fucking money, man... Not trying to belittle what it is you're believing in man right now, just saying.

@caseyxsharp A wise man once wrote, "The love of money is the root of all evil." Both of the parties are full of people who love money and seek power to get it. I have no trust in any politician who entered public service from the middle class and after twenty years or so they have become multi-millionaires on the pittance of a government salary.


In a liberal democratic system is a political party allowed to call itself something other than what it is?
A party calling itself communist is no way to gain power in a social democrat capitalist nation. It is best to lie and call yourself liberal and turn when you have political power. We learned enough about the inadequacies, inconsistencies and malevolence of communism from Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot in the 1900's to understand that it eats away the soul of the industrious individual and molds him into a compliant slave who lives as long as he can usefully serve the State.

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