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Texas schools send parents DNA kits to identify their kids’ bodies in emergencies [] via @nbcnews

JohnBurke 8 Oct 21

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That is not new idea. For years many schools have gotten fingerprints of kiddies. Not new, but higher tech, and more certain regardless of what is found of a missing kid.

Why not just DNA all newborns at birth. Build the database early? And even microchip them at the same time!

@JohnBurke Basically, such personal info is no one's business, except for parents. And, there, is the rub. Imagine Mom laying there in the hospital with the new pup and Dad storms in with a question about the DNA test!!!

As to chipping, might as well go with a tattoo. 😟

@bobbo666 exactly, but it may happen if we continue on this path

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