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Does anyone on here want to discuss the elephant in the room that this election is virtually ignoring? The UN Global Migration Pact and Agenda 30. Liberals, NDP and Greens all voted to sign Canada over to this ideolgy of One World Government, which to me is just another word for Communism. Am I the only one that finds in mindblowing that nobody cares?

jakuboj 7 Oct 16

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What I find unbelievable is how this radical Islam Isis loving TURDeau has fucked over the Canadian people,country. Proven over and over again that he is a worthless POS you don't even see his precious Soappy any more.....and people still want to vote him back in! Sorry but I'm a vet and he is asking for more thanI can afford to give

Islam is only one of many weapons being used by the United Nations to further their agenda. It will get much worse. Educate the masses.


Just joined minutes ago so thought I’d add my two cents worth to the conversation. To answer your question, I noticed it immediately...... how convenient that Turdhole skips the debate on foreign policy and immigration and it ends up cancelled altogether ...... Canada would be best served, and Andrew, I hope you’re listening, by telling the UN to pound sand and cease all funding and operations with them immediately ! My Dad served in the Canadian Armed Forces and was deployed 3 times with the Black Watch (1966, 1969) and later the RCR (1973) in Cyprus for UN Peacekeeping. Back then the UN stood for peacekeeping and humanitarian aid but has since evolved into a corrupt shit show run by Islamists, Communists, dictators and warlords ! The largest voting block in the UN is comprised of these low-life bastards mentioned above. They are the main driving force behind the fraud known as “anthropogenic Climate Change” and have been implicated recently in large scale human trafficking operations, among other heinous crimes. It is weighing heavily on the minds of a lot of Canadians that our treasonous Liberal government has sold us out to these Communist globalists - in my mind the signing of the UN Global Migration Compact (zero consultation with the Canadian people) was an act of treason ! Who the hell gave these pinko leftist pricks the right to hand over decisions such as mass immigration to the corrupt UN ???? I certainly wasn’t asked if I approved of this ! Agenda 2030 is just a rewrite of the Marxist Manifesto - slightly different presentation and text but basically confirms my suspicions from hour one ...... these assholes causing all this shit and creating all this turmoil are Communists ! And the bastards have an entire generation of brainwashed students becoming eligible to vote - instead of ramming Communism down people’s throats, because that didn’t exactly work out as expected, they reinvented themselves with a new strategy - like a cancerous tumour - poison from within ! When they have the media, the education system, law enforcement and the courts and political shills to implement their plan, they become a difficult enemy to defeat - like trying to beat a guerilla army that’s entrenched into the landscape - a real task to try to eliminate ! The good news is that millions have finally woken up and realized that these nefarious Marxist maggots are bad news - nationalism and populism is on the rise and these Commie pricks are going to lose again - because that’s the one thing that they are good at ..... failure !!!!

Well said, thank you.


Facebook has banned me for 3 more days for trying to educate people about the UN OWG agenda. This is a blatant display of left wing censorship at work and there is nothing we can do about it.

Really? I have said ALL kinds of bad things about their evil plan and have not heard a peep from facebook! Maybe I did not word it in a way they found threatening, I don't know. They earned me once for saying something and it was not even bad! Evidently their algorithm picked up a string of two or three words and it kicked off a warning. I wish they would stop though! Seems Free Speech is just a phrase anymore! Not a real thing!

@dawna107. I think I figured how you get put in FB jail. Someone reports you and claims it's disturbing or inappropriate. There are too many to investigate, so I'm thinking they just do it automatically. It's usually a person you might have had a disagreement with or a troll. Just scroll over the 3 dots on the top right hand side. It's very easy to do. A FB friend did it to me unintentionally when I posted a 911 video and she thought it to be disturbing, thinking it wouldn't affect me. They pulled the video that I actually shared from FB and jailed me for 24 hours when the original person who posted it still had it on her timeline.


I'd better not, as there is nothing to be said that doesn't involve far too much foul language. But I sure agree that this elephant is being ignored.


The only solution is to stop funding the corrupt UN. People need to pay attention and start caring about this stuff. They need to start looking at who leads the various UN committees. The UN Agenda 2030 needs to be exposed for what it is. The only way is for more people who understand it, and its implications, to talk about it, evangelize about it - just like the Climate Crusaders do about their agenda. We've got to adopt the tactics of the Left.

Provide the left with the facts. They can't dispute them because they are in writing in the UN agreements. Make them understand what they are supporting, even if they don't want to know.

@jakuboj The Left doesn’t care about facts. That only works if you’re dealing with rational people.

@Jmann44492403 I agree! I tried explaining to a young family member that socialism doesn't work. I gave her some examples. Her response: "You are going to die soon (old age I guess LOL) which is good so I can live my life not being oppressed." Good Lord - she is a 23 year old in Canada thinking she is oppressed. She is an avid NDP supporter. I had to walk away. NOTHING I said registered.

@YCampbell So, your young family member believes that socialism will not cause her to be oppressed? Good luck with that, young lady.

@YCampbell Did you ask her how YOU are oppressing HER? I have a STRONG feeling many who claim they are 'oppressed" don't even know the meaning of the word!
All these words being used today are just made up lies to force people to give them what they want! I don't even bother with people like that because they are immature, uneducated in real life, and entitled indoctrinated brats!
I am just thankful my kids are not like that...


They depend on the ignorance of the masses.

People I talk to don't even know it is happening and seem indifferent to the news.

they depend on the "willful" ignorance - the non-participation, of the masses

@iThink Well we have barely any free press Only Rebel and it has been marginalized..Most Canadians don't realize how bad it's gotten. We are monitored and restricted.. Like Nazi Germany we are walking quietly and willingly to the trains.

@iThink nailed it!! 100% correct


In my opinion it is as serious as a heart attack. The current political system in Canada, is and has been for many years, in a state of dishonesty. I don’t know how long the UN has had this agenda of world domination but it does appear that it truly is the current goal. You may not be correct in assuming that no one cares though. Many people here in Canada seem to be oblivious to the deception happening around them. I have personally tried to bring awareness to it and people don’t want to believe it. They appear to want to live in denial about it. I’ve been called names and told to get away from the conspiracy theories just because of trying to bring it up in conversations. It’s perplexing to say the least. There are times when I wish I could go back to a state of not knowing what’s going on in the world today.

Good for you, Ken. Keep doing it. Mainstream media is bought and paid for and The Rebel and Canada North maligned. No freedom of the press is step one to a dictatorship and the way Trudeau rules the Liberal party, he is well on his way. He MUST be turfed. God help us if he forms a coalition ith the NDP....Venezuela status here we come.

Yes sometimes I think it would be nice to be one of the oblivious sheep.


I agree and somehow this must be stopped

Everyone has to try their best to educate the uninformed.

I keep sending the same message to Trump. "The UN wtf!" I have yet to get a responce.


You're not alone in this belief! I've been saying this for awhile even in the face of being called a "Conspiracy Theorist"!


Canadians have just grown accustomed to 'Salvation by Government' and prefer NOT to hear of anything that will rock that boat. We have never had a lasting political movement with the intestinal fortitude to call it like it is and present a path to the real freedoms that require responsibility and smaller, less intrusive governments.
That is until the bold and refreshing Maxime Bernier created the People's Party of Canada giving us a genuine, electable, libertarian/conservative platform unparalleled in Canadian history.
Canada could actually have it's own "Brexit Surprise" on Monday night, October 21st

Well said and I agree.

The Quebecois politician saviour theory. Let's stick to reality please.

@jakuboj I thought this was a place for discussion, not labelling and name calling?

@holodoc What labeling and name calling are you referring to? You sure it is not just a case of me saying something that hurts your feelings?

@jakuboj You verge on it yourself and agree with others who name call like @kenspence above who called Trudeau Turdhole. No my feelings are not hurt, but thanks for asking.

@holodoc It really sickens me that anyone could be concerned about such a trivial matter, considering we are in the collapse of our country. Wake up to the real issues and stop obsessing over someone's poor hurt feelings by the way a message is delivered.

@jakuboj I happen to think name calling is a minor form of bullying and certainly does nothing to move the discussion forward. Frankly I don’t like your attitude so will no longer respond to your posts.

Yes Maxime was like the light at the end of a long and dark 4 year tunnel! And when he didn't even win in his riding, I just knew something was off. I sent an inquiry into Elections Canada to request an investigation into the voter cards who were given to non citizens. You think they could respond to me? I am very politically involved and will email a politician in a second if it is something that I feel is not right. This is what we all need to start doing. Remember, they work for you! They work for us! We are more powerful than them, and this dark time will not last forever. PPC seems like a party that I would be proud to stand behind. I think many people were happy to hear the policies of the PPC as they were common sensed and Canada First! Anyone who shares my thoughts on this, start getting involved with your local PPC riding MLA now, so that in 4 years we can hammer out the Cons and Libs.


The liberals in the USA are making the same push for OWG, and pushing to disarm it's citizens. There is quite a bit of pushback here from conservatives.

Do you think this halo on the ceiling during the democratic debates and no American flags any indication? Could this be OWG’s insignia?

Well someone sees some light

@FEWI I think people's eyes better open quickly before it's too late. Canadians and Americans are both battling right now against their communistic take over. I see another world war in the future and it will be the truest battle of freedom vs communism, it will be one none of us can afford to lose.

@Dmwils That is troublesome considering the fact we are the one of a few countries left still allowed to be armed, if not the only country.

@FEWI The democrats are not pro USA they are pro their own pockets

@FEWI and they are fighting to take that away too! They want a registery, want to force citizens to give them back, and threaten to send police to take them if you don't. Only registered people will have given the government their address, and admittance to owning a gun. What we will end up with are criminals, who own guns. They won't take mine. They won't find mine if they come. I will keep my guns.

@centaurlea It’s only the elite democrats. Their folllowers are blind to it and refuse to see the truth.


Honestly I don't think most people take it seriously. I didn't believe it for a time until I heard about Soros then looked where his tentacles went and they hit EVERYWHERE


If I am reading and understanding this correctly, this is basically a global attempt to do exactly what democrats and liberals are attempting to do internally to the US with their socialist/ communist agenda with regard to them thinking they are God's gift to humanity or better yet thinking they are God? So we face an ongoing, coordinated attack both external, internal and from every side. Just tryin to clarify my understanding.

You got it. Now share your knowledge with the uninformed.

All of the seemingly unexplainable left wing government actions are all a part of the UN Globalist agenda. They must make the people very divided, very poor and very desperate. This makes the UN takeover much easier. Just read the documents and you will know their agenda.


It boggles the mind how uninformed Canadians are. This Compact is not as benign as Trudeau would have us believe. It is a ruse to absolutely push Islam onto the world. What is happening in Europe is what the UN wants for the whole civilized world. This is not about being Muslim. Most Muslims, I think, (though I have no proof) come here to get away from Sharia and the lack of human rights in Islamic countries. They are forever at war with each other and some of them are bringing that hatred for other branches of Islam here to us.
The UN Compact wants Sharia to rule the world. So does our PM. That is why he has stated at different times that Muslims are the best of Canada and white Christians are the worst. And yet, people will vote for him. He has broken ethic laws, tried to interfere with judicial process. Never answers a question. Why, WHY do people still consider voting for him? That is the question I would like answered. However, I doubt Liberals would join this forum.

Canada is in a desperate state due to stupid, uninformed and/ or cowardice people.


Joe, it will be a real eye opener after the votes are counted next week.We will find out just how far left the Canadian populace is.It boggles the mind that it is still possible Trudeau gets re-elected.If that happens ,we are in for a world of hurt and the UN will become much more prominent in the lives of Canadians.

I know,,,it gives me nightmares


Your right Joe. It is a Commie Manifest. I care and come the 21st we'll have to see where this will take us. I hate to say it...but i think their will be a fight in the future. A Nasty one.


Doing anything with the UN is likely to be catastrophic. Lived under the UN aegis for 2 yrs. as a kid. Dippers, Greens, and Libs. are communist just as a matter of fact. The UN will just add a gargantuan dose of Byzantine bureaucracy to the whole ridiculous undertaking.


Sadly PC politically correct ( lie ) is the main problem I see. Truth is no longer acceptable because with truth comes reality. Once we stop / identify PC as the fraudulent act it is, perhaps then

Sorry dude it's the liberal left including the NDP that is the complete downfall of Canada .

@LarryTrottier no they wouldn't stand a chance if they had to be truthful in their statements.

@LarryTrottier Don't forget the Green Party. Despite their friendly sounding name they voted in support of the UN OWG as well as the Liberals and NDP. All traitors to Canada. Educate the masses.


Strange that the same people who believe the UN "climate emergency" that us paying more taxes will somehow fix Asia's polluting habits, are the same people denying the United Nations one world government Agenda 30 is real. Research the documents, then publicly support it or fight it, just don't try to deny it.


The People's Party of Canada is the only party that considers the UN Migration pact an issue and will not sign the agreement as part of their platform. Canadians! - vote PPC!

Why lie? You just lose any credibility. Many Conservative based parties, including other fringe parties like the PPC, don't support the Global Migration Pact. More importantly, the CPC also doesn't support it and they actually have a chance of winning.

@jakuboj Oops, sorry I did not know that. However will not vote for CPC due to recent Kinsella scandal amongst other things. I don’t vote strategically, 9nlynfor the party I believe in. Thanks for your comments.

@holodoc And how has that strategy worked out for our country so far? Left wingers react on emotion, Conservatives are suppose to be the realistic adults with common sense and an ability to strategize. You sure you're not voting Liberal or NDP?

@jakuboj the CPC only started to speak out against the UN Compact on Global Migration three days before Canada signed onto it and only AFTER Bernier and the PPC had been talking about it for at least a couple of months. Before this, Scheer and Rempel were busy reassuring Canadians that the compact was "non-binding." And it was the Harper government that signed Canada onto Agenda 2030. So the CPC might be against these things now, but they weren't always.

@MckDeb Politics is always changing.


I will admit to knowing nothing about it. It certainly has not gotten any press. I will now look into it thanks to your post.


I feel the same way. It is a major concern, but people are so distracted by all the other Roman circus crap


I think that Canada is certainly not a friend of the United States.

Our OWG Communist supporting government definitely isn't, but most of the people are. We need to move all of the Democrats to Canada and all of the Canadian patriots to the USA and then declare war on Canada and wipe the insane OWG Communist supporters out.

@jakuboj The question is even if doing all that is going to be enough, I want to highlight the fact that they had this replace population agenda that hasn't really fail, as you can watch over on the news this rioters and instigators are acting really quickly. Or are we not believing the news in this regard?

@RiiskMaveric Sorry I don't understand your question, please rephrase.


Considering that Canada has signed on for the UN Agenda 30, there must be someone who can offer a supporting viewpoint. So far it is all against. Liberal, Ndp and GP supporters, your parties voted for this. If you support it explain why. If you can't you better reconsider your political support.


I saw this an it's very enlightening about the manipulation in Canada

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