0 0 surprise here..

Say, if a human is inclined to lose his mind in the days when the Moon is at it's farthest position from Earth, to what kind of behavior will he be prone when he's at about 1. 300. times larger distance than that?

And who'll regulate women's menstrual cycles at such immense distance from our's Moon? Phobos and Deimos (Martians moons) haven't got anywhere near 1/10000 mass that our Moon has, and without mass you experience no pull.

And the whole that space-odyssey may last well over 4 years - think you can postpone your mensis for so long?

Nd, have you ever toasted piece of bread standing by the toaster turned on? Then I guess you know the experience of the moment; all the stuff going through your mind while waiting for slices to pop-up, the stuff you’re paying attention in meanwhile and so on; is totally opposite to the one being absent while the toaster works. And how it always seem to take a minute or two longer to be done when you're present then when you're gone.

Now magnify that quantum effect by few thousand times and stretch it over the course of few years instead of few minutes, it should relate to the experience of Red Venture just fine. Adaptability of human biology and psychology do have their's breaking point to which they can be stenched without permanent damage.

  • Don't let the X-Man fool you on that, my friend. Speak science instead - everybody knows that language!


kresica 7 Oct 23

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