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In Canadian federal prisons, male and female, 80% come form fatherless homes or homes where they wish the father had been absent. 90% of these inmates have a drug and/or alcohol addiction. Perhaps the wrong people are in jail?

warminster100 9 Nov 11

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Yes everyone is a product of their environment, their genetics and their decision making ability. If the first 2 factors are a negative it is more challenging to make the 3rd factor a positive. Personal accountability must always be a consideration. Without that people will often take the easy way and rationalize their poor decisions and subsequent beghaviour, because they feel they are a victim, whether real or perceived. A victim mentality never leads to good decision making.

The real problem is not the abuses, it is the lies the abused have accepted about themselves as being true.

@warminster100 Everyone makes decisions and there are consequences for those decisions. Once people accept this then they have a chance to not be a loser for life. Society does them no favours by giving them crutches and a shoulder to cry on.

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