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You know what? In my line of work--grocery--I see it every year and it makes me crazy every year; the orgy of consumerism surrounding the holidays. The lack of sense and sensibility, any appreciation or acknowledgment of the holiday season's message of peace and goodwill subsumed under a mad urge to Keep Up With The Joneses. The same trendy holiday recipes that everybody simply has to cook to impress others with, the empty gestures of largesse towards people you see maybe once or twice a year just to impress them whether they appreciate it or not.

I'm at a point in my life where I no longer expect gifts for Christmas at all (or my birthday), and if I do get anything it has more impact and meaning for me for it. I can't say the same for others out there who seem unable to appreciate their situations, or their families or loved ones--or is that just my outsider's perspective cropping up? What I always want for Christmas is something I lacked growing up, since my family was always at war with itself; peace and quiet. I find myself slotting in more and more with the attitude that this day is for quiet reflection on the past year and just taking stock, and being thankful for what little I have in my life. Would that more people would appreciate simple things like that, eh?

MaskedRiderChris 7 Dec 24

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We watch WHITE CHRISTMAS every year so at least we know what it should be like. Sad that it is only a movie.

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