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The word anarchy comes from the ancient Greek ἀναρχία (anarchia) which combines ἀ angel.gif, "without, not" and ἀρχή (arkhi), "ruler, authority". Thus, the term refers to the state of a society being without authorities or an authoritative governing body.

The AnCap (Anarcho-Capitalist) often say that anarchy does not mean without RULES it mean without RULERS. I like the thought of that. I have many friends that are AnCap, although I myself do not believe it could work any more than communism . What do you think?

Short for Anarcho-Capitalist. The 2 fundamental principals of Ancap philosophy are the non-aggression principal, (NAP) and (Voluntary) interactions between human beings, in all circumstances. Ancaps believe in free markets and the right to own property. The most fundamental thing someone owns is their own body. Ancaps believe that governments are essentially large gangs that use their “monopoly on the use of force” to oppress and control populations.

Boardwine 8 Jan 16

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I could loosely identify as an anarcho capitalist, and while the concept behind it is admirable, I just don't think there are enough folks who would get behind the movement though.

That's about where I am with it.


I believe there will always be a hierarchy. Someone will always take control, and the world is always in a state of 100% anarchy as much as as it would ever be. One might say anarchy is 100% impossible, and to that I would agree, except in a temporary state of war or chaos, and still then hierarchy sorts itself out.

Hello. It seems that hierarchy is a hard truth of human nature.

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