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No insurrection or violence at Virginia gun rights rally...

Surprise surprise, right?

SpikeTalon 9 Jan 21

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The left wing idiots are a lot more prone to insurrection and violence than lawful gun owners.

True. ANTIFA sure comes to mind as one example of left wing terror...


Why did they pick MLK Day to rally? Or do you call it Lee Day?

MLK believed in equality and freedom for all, seemed like a good day to me...

@SpikeTalon MLK Day commemorates a central figure in the civil rights movement and is incredibly important to black Americans. The civil rights era was marked by outbursts of white terrorist violence against blacks. It seems odd that a predominantly white coalition of paramilitary groups, including members of the current iteration of urban neo-Nazis, Blue Lives Matter, would pick such a day for a show of force.

@WilyRickWiles Show of force? Sounds a bit over dramatic there...

@WilyRickWiles By the way, quite a few of those who support the 2A also support arming blacks, and also keep in mind not everyone marching to defend their 2A rights agree with the cops.

@SpikeTalon Fair enough--some of those people are antifa, too--not just ancaps!

@WilyRickWiles Valid point.

@WilyRickWiles really?? Evidently you are looking at a lot different footage and pics than I am, the ones I'm seeing are showing all races and genders, damn sure not just angry white men.

@Dmwils Oh yeah? What percentage of the attendees do you think were black?

@WilyRickWiles do you only see two races?? Look again and you'll see Hispanics and Asians also. The second amendment is important to every race and every age. If you had researched you would find interviews with an 85 year old black man, a 20 year old white man, a 42 year old Hispanic woman...I think you should get the idea.

@Dmwils Dude, settle down. I just asked you to give an example. Since apparently I need to be comprehensive in asking for evidence of non-white people at the really, what percentage do you think were people of color?

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