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New York Times endorsement virtue signals between two far-left female Senators...

SpikeTalon 9 Jan 21

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Far-Left is a place in time as well as on a political scale. If one holds even 2000s era liberal views, many Democrats today are "far-left."


The New York Times now days is nothing but left wing propaganda.


Amy Klobuchar isn't far-left.


Isn’t the New York Times supposed to be a purveyor of the News? Sure they have the opinion pieces also, but shouldn’t News just be New data or information that informs and allows its readers/hearers to make informed decisions of their own.

How is it that we have devolved into mindless drones that need a “News” outlet to tell us how to think or how to vote or who is good or bad?


LOL in what universe is Klobuchar far left?

I did wonder the same...

While I do like The Federalist, some of their writers tend to exaggerate claims, in particular when it comes to homosexual and abortion rights, so whenever someone at the Federalist rants on over those topics I just ignore them.

All the screwball democraps are far left, some are just more so than others. They’re also all gun control nuts.

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