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I still hear some politicians talking about minority teachers need to be hired. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I think ABILITY is far more important than RACE when it comes to people responsible for educating our children. I don’t care if you’re purple with yellow and pink stripes if you have the ability and passion required to be a great educator, then you should get the job, end of story.

SEisenberg 4 Jan 26

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So you think the people making hiring decisions are selecting the most deserving candidates? How would you know if they weren't? Not to mention that there might be factors other than ability preventing more minorites from becoming teachers.

Other factors like “inability” might qualify In the selection process at a liberal school board because you’d then know that the process was socially engineered to advantage one teacher at the expense of all the students.
You wanted religion or ethnicity to be a quality over teaching skills? Ability is the word you tried to cover with political correctness!

@Rick-A Did you read OP?


Ability has been made almost a disability now merit and talent stand out too proudly and are dismissed in favour of weakness and mailability disguised as equality, the next generation at in for a shock when the workforce needs actual potential


In public schools I would guess to say 85% of the teachers are minority and more than half of them are not even qualified to teach...aka the dumb it down degree. The good teachers are either in private schools or chose to quit teaching. Most are afraid of their safety or can't deal with the little tyrants and their shameless parents.

We had a chemistry teacher from Zimbabwe called Mr Mutuqua, in 3 years the only things he pronounced that anyone understood was our names, everything we learned was from friends with other teachers or between ourselves in the school library, pre-internet days when schools had libraries that actually contained BOOKS

It's the reverse. Might want to examine those guessing skills of yours! []

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