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George W Bush blasted John Bolton in 2008: 'I don't consider Bolton credible'...

SpikeTalon 9 Jan 27

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Thanks I had forgotten that.


One does love to see how the right has turned on John Bolton just as they turned on Jeff Sessions and anyone who has crossed Trump regardless of ideology.

It was bolton and sessions that "turned" first. They were possessors of two of the highest positions in government and they either didn't follow the orders from the president as they were obliged to do, they possessed "baggage" that eventually could have been harmful to the president and his administration, and possibly, they were inserted and were working for the entrenched class (deep state, if you will). Trump's administration has been plagued with moles and rats since the beginning and they've gotten so brazen that they don't even deny it. It is only when someone is exposed for what they are do the left start sobbing for them, for just prior to that, they hated them .

@dennodogg Pretty sure we still don't like Sessions and Bolton. Lol.


When I heard John Bolton was appointed as President Trumps National Security Adviser, I knew trouble was on the horizon. As a retired veteran, I am a little hawkish. Yet John Bolton gives "HAWK" a bad name. Better, "warmonger nuke em till they glow". I wondered who had President Trumps ear, and not to bite it off when he mentioned John Bolton. Did Trump never listen to his radio show. Well, I was sure war was imminent, and it was no surprise he and President Trump has personality clashes. It was like placing a rabid Pitbull in the same room with a special forces attack dog. You figure out which was which. Bolton likely in his narcistic charm has vengeance issues with President Trump, who dismissed him with little delicacy, well none. Thus Boltons book could hardly be favorable and likely filled with deceit. Narcistic Pitbull's have no boundaries.
Jim Kirk-Wiggins


I never understood the appointment.

The Mercers, Adelsons, Marcuses, and Uihleins demanded it.

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