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Uncle Sam doubles down on his spending addiction...

SpikeTalon 10 Feb 6

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Absolutely agree with most of what this says. Not sure the predictions can be counted on, but the overall assessment (We're spending ourselves into oblivion) is right on track. Lest we forget, our own military leadership has stated repeatedly that the greatest threat to our security does not lie in a foreign enemy, it lies in our National Debt (exacerbated annually by our deficits). This is eroding one of our greatest instruments of national power (one that is necessary to maintain all the other instruments of national power) namely Economic Power.

The blame doesn't lie with the Executive branch (whether Trump or Obama or Bush). It lies squarely on the shoulders of the branch with the POWER OF THE PURSE. Yes, it is the responsibility of the legislative branch to say NO to spending when the bank account is empty. It is no wonder they can't handle our nation's finances when they can't even handle their own. With their astronomic incomes, how many of them bounce checks? There should be a minimum threshold of personal financial responsibility before they can be trusted with the finances of an entire nation.

The longer we go before fixing the problem, the more painful it will be to recover from our irresponsibility and avarice. If we don't pay now, we'll pay much more later.

We'll pay the price alright... in spades.

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