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I love this

BikerPetehall70 8 Feb 12

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sorry - I didn't like it at all - partly because he sounds so much like Alex Jones I just wanted to shoot him but I didn't see the song as funny either...

Its a Scit band rich Hall is a comedian! First half of show is regular stand up then comes back as Earl T Cransford and the honkytonk assholes

@BikerPetehall70 oh I know its a comedy sketch - I just didn't like it. LOL

My mrs keeps playing it @iThink

@BikerPetehall70 is she trying to tell you something?

After 16 years @iThink we've been right through the warfare etc and know each other better than we know ourselves

@BikerPetehall70 it was a joke biker

Ihave mild brain damage @iThink I tend to react in a definitive way!! BTW ya notice it has pride of place in the living room!

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