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Jordan Peterson's ideas matter, not his addiction-

SpikeTalon 10 Feb 20

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And the Russian clinicians will save him and he will have an epiphany that the communist (defunct) ideology that developed the careers and education of the humanitarians have something to offer that may be better that the privatized for profit health systems of North America. Cant wait for the comeback tour!


Benzos have a horrendous issues with some people. I don't even consider addiction a correct term in the way the term it is commonly used. When you consider all the circumstances, Peterson was almost super human. No other person took on the best fiercest attackers left could muster repeatedly. No one else could do this. The only quasi exception might be Trump. But even Trump did not engage in close quarter fighting like Peterson. And when you consider the family tragedies. Its a lot. And Peterson is doing everything humanly possible to deal with his health issues. God bless, heal and protect Jordan Peterson.


To call Dr. Peterson's scenario an "addiction" implies to me that he willfully abused the substance and subsequently became addicted; total fallacy. The author of the article, while voicing support for Dr. Peterson, undermines his credibility using the word "addiction" to describe his scenario.

He became physiologically dependent on the medication prescribed by his personal doctor.

Have to stop playing the "blame game", people.

A very unfortunate situation, which in no way diminishes Dr. Peterson's and his family's contributions - if anything it serves as a beacon warning to anyone that you are not immune to the same pitfalls of life; physiological, psychological or circumstantial.


Just as Freuds ideas "mattered", even though he was a pseudo scientific coke head charlatan and control freak.....America swallowed Freudianism hook line and sinker creating the psychiatry/psychology industrial complex which now peddles DSM V labelling and psychotropic drugs for vast profit and little scientific evidence.

Spoken like someone who has spent a good 15 minutes studying Freud and the history of psychology. Freud’s work was tremendously important, even though he got some things wrong, and was influenced by his Victorian upbringing.

@ZigZagZeke More like 40 years and the self promoting mythologising of Freud is not unlike the Peterson model, different times and culture but the same issues including the rise of far right nationalism.

@N0DD In your 40 years of study, you apparently didn’t learn much. Cancel culture is not compatible with scientific inquiry. Facts are facts, and useful models remain useful despite their sources’ human shortcomings. What bearing does drug use have on the truth?

@ZigZagZeke Facts are facts???

@N0DD Yes, facts are facts. Either the sun has risen or it has not. It makes not one whit of difference who reports it.

@ZigZagZeke The "fact" that the sun rises every morning is no guarantee that it will rise tomorrow, David Hume ; "That the sun will not rise tomorrow is no less intelligible a proposition, and implies no more contradiction, than the affirmation, that it will rise".

@N0DD Nice non sequitur.


Just listen to the Peterson family update Feb 2020 where his daughter says that he was prescribed benzo’s during the very trying time of his wife’s cancer diagnosis. Why can’t people exercise some human understanding over a situation that they should thank their lucky stars they aren’t in! I know why, some people love kicking a man when he’s vulnerable and some are just plain nasty anyway! He has done 10 times more for me than anyone else and I have seen that I am one of millions who he has helped. He will overcome too because what he talks about he lives and as Nietzsche says: ‘what does not kill me makes me stronger.’ He is an object lesson in living this principle.


Sadly his ideas prevent him from admitting that he has an addiction and pursuing appropriate treatment.

Why would you lie like that?
What would be the purpose?

He had stated in his books and interviews the issues he and his family had regarding the use of hard drugs (medically prescribed).
He never made that a secret.

@Hanno Umm...

@WilyRickWiles how does that justify your comment?

How exactly did his “ideas” stopped him from admitting his own problem?


Exactly. Plus his problem with prescribed medications was created by so called medical professionals !

Spot on.


He's helped countless people to improve their lives

He sure has.


He matters to me.

And me.

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