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Rare narrow band of snow 150 miles long and 15 wide

A similar sight was seen above Hutchinson, Kansas. Weather satellites confirmed the bizarre feature, which highlights the meteorological caprice that can give rise to such narrow swaths of snow. More than a foot of snow fell in the band, which was 10 to 15 miles wide in places. Just a few miles on either side, there were hardly flurries.

The thin stretch of intense snow was oriented northwest to southeast, passing through parts of Russell, Lincoln and Ellsworth counties in Kansas. The snow persisted toward Cottonwood Falls and Marion. Flight data shows that Marts' flight crossed over Interstate 70 heading west-southwest in the vicinity of Wilson and Dorrance, Kansas, a 15-minute car ride east of Russell and about 40 minutes northeast of Great Bend. Waconda Lake, just west of Beloit and Glen Elder, is visible in the distance.

Meteorologists have long vented about the challenges of prediction when it comes to difficult winter storm forecasts. But Tuesday's hyperlocal snow band was a step beyond what most Great Plains forecasters are accustomed to. []

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I have seen this phenomenon in eastern Colorado years ago, very weird.

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