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The UK police are so incompetent it is outrageous!
Don’t arrest the sexual « Asian » man with sexual assault but Tommy! Unbelievable these pigs you have to watch everywhere now! So much for a nice family outings!
So angry for Tommy:

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It boils my f**king blood.
These animals are infesting our country


This is the result when your police are under the full control of your government.


This is outrageous. Most cops do what they're told. What are the politicians telling the police to do in these situations?

Agree, my other concern for him and his family is a setup by the UK government & Islamist (piss be upon it) they would like nothing better than to remove Tommy from the country. He is proving how corrupt they really are! Believe they would go to any lengths to get him!


I think so too. Police seems to have a personal vendetta against him.... at the same time they failed miserably to stop Rotherham and rest

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